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    If you have any questions about benefits related to Social Security Disability and workers’ compensation, call the Kenton Koszdin Law Office today! We’re here to help if you’ve suffered a workplace injury or disability. Many employees injured on the job are afraid that filing a workers’ compensation claim will cause their employer to react negatively… Read More

    Workplace injuries are not limited to inherently dangerous occupations such as construction, the fishing industry, and logging. Even an office, which may appear to be a hazard-free workplace, may be the site of many different types of on-the-job injuries. Common Injuries That May Happen in Offices Repetitive stress. Some injuries result from overuse of certain… Read More

    Why should you consult with a disability attorney like Kenton Koszdin? Here is the second part of an article on some of the reasons applicants for disability benefits should consult with an experienced disability attorney: *An experienced disability attorney will review the viability of a disability case. Moving forward with an application for disability benefits… Read More

    It’s difficult enough recovering from a disability. Applicants still have the responsibility of supporting themselves and their family during recovery. The Kenton Koszdin Law Office exists to help individuals who are in this enormously stressful situation. The Kenton Koszdin Law Office provides experienced representation in all types of disability cases, including Social Security Disability and… Read More

    As I review a case file after the first client interview, I analyze two issues: what facts favor the approval of benefits and which provide grounds for the denial of benefits. The reasons or grounds for any denial of benefits is often within the control of the applicant and therefore capable of being avoided to… Read More

    An experienced disability attorney may offer assistance in identifying any information which is crucial to the approval of benefits. Many times the grounds for the approval of benefits are within the control of applicants. They have a strong case establishing their eligibility for disability benefits but because of a lack of compliance with required procedures,… Read More

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