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    3 Things You Need to Know About Re-Opening

    By Kenton Koszdin on June 2, 2020 | In Blogs

    3 Things You Need to Know About Re-Opening

    As of May 8th, stage 2 of Governor Gavin Newsom’s “Resilience Roadmap” plan to re-open the state of California started taking effect in designated counties. The 2nd step of Gov. Newsom’s plan called for employees to begin returning to work where appropriate. This phase included nonessential employees of California who were considered to be at a lower risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19.


    Now that we’re about one month into the 4-phase reopening plan, it’s important to review and shed light on some potentially lesser-known aspects of the plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and safely reach our new normal:


    Your employer may be legally required to issue daily screenings to ensure you or your fellow employees don’t enter the workplace with any COVID-19 symptoms. It’s important to note that while the need for no-touch thermometers exceeds the available supply, your employer still needs to follow CDC guidelines for sterilizing any thermometer between uses.


    You have a legal right to wear a mask at work to protect yourself against infection. In some California counties, a mask is still legally required to be worn by employees of any business. Even if you’re outside of those counties or your employer requests that you cease any use of personal protective equipment, you can still choose to remain wearing your mask and using other protective measures.


    Accommodations for disabilities and other chronic conditions, such as extending your accommodation to work from home, are still important during this time. This is especially true if your disability or chronic condition will, in any way, put you at a higher risk for complications from contracting COVID-19.


    Do you believe that you or a loved one contracted COVID-19 while working? Are you led to believe that you or a loved one developed COVID-19 due to employer negligence, such as not properly sanitizing thermometers between uses, enforcing social distancing, denying an extension on your accommodation to work from home, or discouraging the use of personal protective equipment? You need an experienced attorney on your side. Our attorneys at Kenton Koszdin Law OfficeSocial Security attorney in Van Nuys specialize in workers’ compensation and social security disability claims. Call us today at 800.438.7734 for a free consultation.

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