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    4 Workers’ Comp Benefits

    By Kenton Koszdin on November 7, 2018 | In Workers Compensation

    4 Workers’ Comp Benefits

    If you are injured on the job, you most likely qualify for Workers’ Comp Benefits. These benefits are provided to W-2 workers, as the employer is required to carry Workers’ Comp insurance on all employees. This insurance is designed to help protect employees who are injured while working. But what are the benefits of Workers’ Comp?

    Medical Treatment

    If you are injured on the job, you will most likely need medical treatment. Medical treatment, whether at a clinic or hospital, will be covered as part of your Workers’ Comp benefits. Any medical treatment deemed necessary by your assigned physician will usually be covered. Whether you need to go in for stitches and then head home, or you are admitted to the hospital for a while, your medical treatment will be paid for as a part of your Workers’ Comp benefits.

    Temporary Disability Payments

    While you are out of work, your Workers’ Comp benefits will pay you. It isn’t usually the full amount of your pay should you be working, but it will help get bills paid while you aren’t able to work. These temporary payments will end once you are approved to go back to work. Typically, these temporary disability payments as part of your Workers’ Comp benefits will be about two-thirds of the pay you’d receive from your employer if you were working.

    Permanent Disability Payments

    If the injury you sustained while at work is deemed permanent and will affect your ability to work in the future, you may be eligible for permanent disability payments through your Workers’ Comp benefits. Whether your permanent disability is considered disabling, or it is a partial permanent disability that won’t keep you from working but is still disabling, keeping you from participating in the same type of work you did previously, you may be eligible for permanent disability payments as part of your Workers’ Comp benefits.

    Lump Sum Payments

    If your injuries are permanent and your Workers’ Comp benefits have been paying out for a while, you may be offered a lump sum payment for closing out your case. While this lump sum can help you get back on your feet after an injury sustained in the work place, the funds you are awarded can also help you fund education for a new career or even help your family since you weren’t able to work for a while. It is important to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of agreeing to a lump sum payment with your lawyer, so you know the benefits and risks.

    Workers’ Comp benefits help many employees through a difficult time after being injured on the job. Whether your injury was sustained in an accident or occurred from long-term use, such as typing, or from long-term stress in the workplace, these benefits can help you. If you need to know more about Workers’ Comp benefits, what you qualify for, and how to proceed, give the Koszdin Law Office a call. Your free consultation can help you determine your choices.

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