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    5 Weird Facts About Workers’ Compensation

    By Kenton Koszdin on November 2, 2020 | In Workers Compensation

    5 Weird Facts About Workers’ Compensation

    If you’re lucky, your experience with needing to file a workers’ compensation claim will be one-and-done. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many people who get hurt on the job and need to file for workers’ compensation. While the laws will vary from state to state, there are some surprisingly quirky and unsettling facts about workers’ compensation laws lurking in the legal shadows out there.

    We’ve compiled 5 weird facts about Workers’ Compensation:

    1. A “partially disabled” employees’ award from workers’ compensation can be negatively impacted due to “phantom wages,” a type of investment that a person hasn’t yet realized or gained explicit access to but still legally owes taxes from as a result of its existence.
    2. After experiencing a work-related illness or injury, the worker can choose their doctor to represent them in the case, but can only do so after waiting 28 days from when they needed medical care.
    3. When you turn 65, an annual reduction in workers’ compensation payments slowly increases from 5% to a maximum of 50%. Due to the expectation that, as we age, our likelihood of work-related illness or injury increases simply due to the aging process rather than workplace hazards and risks from your occupation.
    4. If a general contractor hires a subcontractor, they become responsible if and when an employee of the subcontractor experiences a work-related illness or injury and doesn’t have workers’ compensation insurance.
    5. There isn’t a statute of limitations or penalties or when a settlement check needs to be delivered and received by its intended recipient. No matter how late the check is to arrive at its rightful recipient, no monetary penalty will accrue on the distributor’s part.

    After reading these 5 weird facts about workers’ compensation laws, it’s no wonder why injured workers across the states seek the help of an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation. If you or a loved one in the Los Angeles area have found themselves in need of a specialized attorney for your workers’ compensation case, it’s time to talk to the Kenton Koszdin Law Office, Social Security Attorney in Van Nuys, to schedule your free initial consultation today: 800.438.7734.

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