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    A Disability Attorney Can Help You Sort Through The Correspondence

    By Kenton Koszdin on September 20, 2018 | In Disability Insurance

    A Disability Attorney Can Help You Sort Through The Correspondence

    As part of your disability claim, you may receive a large amount of correspondence, requesting further information or documentation. These requests can become overwhelming as you attempt to understand what exactly is being asked of you. At Kenton Koszdin Law Office, we understand that getting it right the first time is of great importance to our clients. We provide access to a legal team that has the experience you need to increase the likelihood of a smooth and favorable application.

    Hiring a disability attorney to support you through correspondence, whether that means the documents you receive or the information you send, is part of the service you can expect from a reliable disability attorney is Los Angeles. It is important that you are providing the correct information and meeting any required deadlines when applying for disability or appealing a claim decision, so reach out to Kenton Koszdin Law Office if you need support.

    Request for Additional Supporting Documents

    It is crucial that you understand what is being asked of you when you receive a request for additional information or documentation. However, the request may cause feelings of confusion or doubt if you feel you have already provided all the relevant information for your claim. A disability attorney can provide clarity and support you through the process of acquiring all the information that is relevant to your claim, with time to meet the deadline specified on the correspondence letter.

    A disability attorney will also support you in understanding the implications of any correspondence that affects the status of your claim. You can then make more informed decisions on how to approach when it comes to continuing with a new claim or appealing a claim that is denied.

    Missing Information

    You may receive correspondence from the SSA, telling you the information you have supplied is incomplete. It is not always clear exactly how you need to correct the application. You can hire an experienced disability lawyer to help you understand the requests you have received and fill in the gaps on your disability benefit application forms. Typical omissions include leaving out details of how your disability affects you, contact details for providers, and supporting documents for your claim.

    This information plays a large part in how a decision-maker considers your claim, so it is essential that it reflects the nature of your disability as it related to your ability to work. A disability attorney who has supported countless clients through correspondence will help you identify your next steps and how to ensure your response complies with what is outlined in any requests for additional information you receive.

    Los Angeles Disability Attorney

    Kenton Koszdin Law Office provides expert support for clients who are going through the process of applying for or appealing disability claims. Our legal team members are understanding and empathetic to the difficulties you are going through. If you are having difficulties understanding the correspondence you have received in relation to your claim, reach out to Kenton Koszdin Law Office today for a consultation.

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