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    Ability to Speak English No Longer a Requirement for SSDI Assessment

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on March 3, 2020 | In Law & Information

    Ability to Speak English No Longer a Requirement for SSDI Assessment

    Since 1978, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has used English proficiency as part of a Social Security Disability (SSDI) applicant’s education skills when determining if they could rejoin the workforce or, instead, receive disability benefits.

    What’s Changing, and When?

    That practice will change on April 27th of this year. Now the SSA will not view the inability to speak English as an element when they assess whether a person should receive SSDI. The change reflects the agency’s attempts to modernize its disability programs and the realities of today’s workplace.

    Previously, an inability to speak English was a supporting factor that the SSA used in making an eligibility decision for those aged 45 and over. Note though that lack of English proficiency was not enough on its own to make someone eligible for disability. However, when assessing a worker’s level of education to award SSDI, the inability to speak English was considered.

    Said another way, the SSA must consider education to determine if a person’s medical condition prevents work. Based on current research, the ability or inability to communicate in English is no longer a good measure of a person’s education level or his or her ability to perform work. The research included data from SSDI applicants as well as a study result showing that a lack of proficiency in English does not generally prevent low-skilled workers from getting work.

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