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    About Expedited Disability Benefits: Expedited Reinstatement Cases

    By Kenton Koszdin on June 15, 2018 | In Disability Insurance

    About Expedited Disability Benefits: Expedited Reinstatement Cases

    In some cases, the Social Security Administration (SSA) may commence the payment of benefits within a time frame sooner than usual. It is important to note that these payments may be made while a decision regarding benefit eligibility is pending. Payments may be expedited when a claimant who has returned to work has his or her ability to perform substantial gainful activity once again limited by an impairment.

    A common situation is when a claimant’s benefits end because he or she returns to work and once again is able to earn wages. However, then the same or a related impairment causes the past claimant to be unable to work, thus necessitating the need for benefits to be restarted.

    Expedited reinstatement allows a disabled individual to request to have benefits restarted without having to complete and file a new application. The SSA allows expedited reinstatement when:

    • benefits were terminated because of work earnings;
    • the claimant is unable to perform any substantial gainful activity because of an impairment(s) that is the same as or related to the impairment(s) that initially met the qualifications of a disability; and
    • the request is made within five years from the month past benefits ended.

    Of course, an individual attempting to reinstate benefits must provide updated medical information to the Disability Determination Services (DDS) for a determination whether benefits will be reinstated. If the SSA approves a request for expedited reinstatement of SSI benefits, any provisional or temporary benefits will begin the month after a request. Reinstatement applicants may also be eligible for Medicaid coverage. The SSA will pay provisional benefits for up to 6 months while making a reinstatement decision, and will not request applicants to repay them if the reinstatement request is disapproved.

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