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Be Wary of Medicare Scams

By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on November 30, 2017 | In Social Security Disability

Be Wary of Medicare Scams

Beginning next April, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will be issuing new Medicare cards to beneficiaries. The new cards will not display Social Security numbers in an effort to reduce identity theft. Instead, a randomly-assigned number will identify each Medicare-eligible individual.

It’s also open enrollment time for Medicare plans, when those eligible can change their coverage. Unfortunately, it’s open season on scams, and criminals are taking advantage of both of these processes to victimize unsuspecting consumers who are eligible for Medicare.

Watch out for these scams:

  • Pay for a replacement card. There is no cost for the new cards – from Medicare or any health provider – so don’t be fooled into giving anyone money for this service.
  • Submit private information for a card. Medicare will never ask you for personal or private information to produce your new card.
  • Official Medicare agents. There are no sales agents connected with Medicare, and scammers may try to sell you insurance.
  • Prescription coverage is not required. Medicare’s prescription drug plan (Part D) is voluntary. Don’t be fooled if someone demands that you enroll in Part D in order to keep your Medicare coverage.
  • Fraudulent websites. The only place to sign up for Medicare coverage is at SocialSecurity.gov.
  • No personal calls. Medicare does not operate via unsolicited phone calls or door-to-door service. Unless you initiate contact with a phone call or an email, the only way that Medicare will send you official correspondence is through the mail.
  • Personal information on the phone. Don’t give out personal information such as Social Security number, credit card information or bank account details on the phone. Medicare will not demand this information over the phone in order for you to keep your insurance.
  • Refunds. Claims purporting to give you a refund from last year’s medical care may be an attempt to gain bank account and credit card information. If you are owed money, Medicare won’t ask you for identifying information over the phone. You’ll just get a check in the mail.

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