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    California Department of Industrial Relations Releases New Workers’ Comp Regulations

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on February 7, 2013 | In Workers Compensation News

    The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) recently released the first of several new regulations designed to implement the recent changes to workers’ compensation laws that were passed by the state legislature.

    The new workers’ compensation law increased permanent disability benefits, created an independent medical panel to review injuries, and made changes to lien and billing procedures. However, the work of creating the specific rules to implement these changes was left to the DIR, which began with its most recent set of new regulations.

    The new regulations include:

    • Creation of an independent medical review process. Disputes over medical treatment in workers’ compensation cases now go through an independent medical review process, where physicians examine the evidence and make a decision. The independent medical review is now the only method for resolving ongoing medical treatment disputes.
    • Creation of an independent billing review process. The new process deals with disputes over how medical services are billed, which typically occur between physicians and workers’ compensation insurers. Physicians who dispute a bill after a second review by the insurer may request an independent billing review panel examine the situation.
    • Electronic document filing and lien filing fee enactment. Liens for reasonable medical expenses now require a filing fee of $150, unless they are related to disputes undergoing an independent medical review or independent billing review.

    Workers’ compensation law can be complicated, and it’s even more difficult to navigate when you’re struggling to recover from a serious injury or illness. But you don’t have to do it alone.

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