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    Common Issues That Occur with Workers’ Compensation

    By Kenton Koszdin on August 2, 2021 | In Workers Compensation

    Common Issues That Occur with Workers’ Compensation

    If you sustained an injury at your job, you are eligible for Workers’ Compensation. Unfortunately, many issues can occur when you attempt to ensure that you get the help you need.

    Workers’ Compensation problems that typically arise include the following:

    • In most jobs, the checks get distributed on Fridays. However, a common claim in Workers’ Compensation cases is that they never received their mail. When that happens, you will call your employer, but in most cases, nothing happens. The employer will promise to get it fixed, but nothing happens. It is a common tactic for employers to avoid paying employees the benefits that they are entitled to.
    • Another commonly occurring issue is a doctor who seems concerned with your injuries and promises to keep you from working until you’re physically able to. However, the next day you have received phone calls and paperwork that says you are approved to do a light activity. While the papers don’t specify what that means, you still have to go back to work when it’s physically dangerous.
    • The insurance company may ignore your doctor’s orders as well. If your doctor recommends something, but the adjuster says it is not necessary, you are the one that suffers. A typical example is if a doctor says they will send you for scans and physical therapy. If the adjuster says that the treatment is enough, they will have an in-house doctor for you. However, you don’t know how that doctor is, and they won’t tell you.
    • Payment is a serious issue that occurs when your insurance company tells you that they are contacting your employer for your benefits. When this happens, they will explain that they are contacting your employer to calculate how much you will be receiving each week. It should be the same amount you were taking home before taxes, at least. However, you will notice that when your check comes, it’s much lower than it should be. While you attempt to find out what happened, you get the run around instead of answers. In the worst cases, they will claim you received too much and cut it in half. Now you are being underpaid.
    Workers’ Compensation can be challenging, and you need to ensure that you are treated fairly. By knowing these issues, you can avoid them much more quickly.

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