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    Compensation for On the Job Injuries

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on November 24, 2014 | In Workers Compensation Claims

    Ever since the 1920s, employers in California have been required to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. This system benefits both the employer and the employee. Injured employees are entitled to swift and effective medical treatment and employers are protected from being sued by their injured worker. While these benefits do not fully cover the wages lost as the employee heals, they can provide compensation for a number of losses that the victim may not otherwise be able to afford.

    Employees who are hurt while performing work-related tasks may seek benefits for:

    • Medical care: The employer must cover all of the medical bills related to the injuries and illnesses caused by work.
    • Temporary disability benefits: Injured workers can seek support for their wages lost while healing.
    • Permanent disability benefits: There is additional support available for workers who will never fully recover.
    • Supplemental job displacement benefits: Some workers can receive vouchers to help cover skill enhancement training if they cannot return to their previous employer.
    • Death benefits: Workers’ comp insurance can also provide support to the spouse, children and other dependents if the injuries proved fatal.

    Compensation should be available for all injured workers in California, but many struggle to get the support they need. To increase your chances of receiving fair compensation for your on-the-job injuries, you should immediately report the injury or illness to your employer and request emergency treatment. This way, your injury will be documented right away. Then, you will have to file a workers’ compensation claim. You may want to seek help while filing out the claim as any mistakes could lead to a denial of your benefits.

    It is important to know that many valid claims are denied each year. You have the right to object to your denial, file a claim for adjudication and even request a hearing. In other words, please do not make any legal decisions without first reviewing all of your options. You deserve fair compensation for your injuries, and with the guidance and counsel of an experienced Van Nuys workers’ compensation attorney, you should receive the support you need as you recover from your injuries.

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