Federal Employees and Workers’ Compensation Benefits

By Kenton Koszdin on September 13, 2018 | In Workers Compensation

Federal Employees and Workers’ Compensation Benefits

While federal employees are still eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits, the process is a little different than when applying for these benefits after an injury or disease at a non-federal employer. There are some things you should know about the Workers’ Compensation Benefits for employees of the federal government or their dependents.

Medical Treatment

It is important to be seen for a work injury or disease caused by the workplace as soon as possible. Even if the injury or symptoms of the disease are minor, you need to have it documented in the event of future treatment or worsening symptoms. You can see almost any physician you’d like for diagnosis and treatment when you are a federal employee; however, you won’t be able to change which physician you see once you’ve been seen. That physician can refer you out to another specialist if needed. Types of physicians you can see range from podiatrists to psychiatrists depending on your needs.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Many injuries in the workplace are considered a temporary disability. The employer is not responsible to continue compensation beyond using your sick time or vacation hours. Instead, the compensation responsibility is on the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs, or OWCP. The pay you receive from the OWCP is limited to 2/3 of your previous pay if you have no dependents and 3/4 if you do.

If your disability is permanent, whether through a work injury or defect, federal employees may not be able to go back to their original job functions. If this is the case, your Workers’ Compensation Benefits may include Vocational Rehabilitation so you can change jobs as a federal employee. Those with permanent disabilities will receive supplemental pay equal to the difference between what you were making in your previous position and what you make currently.

Unfortunately, sometimes work-related injuries or diseases result in the death of the employee. In this case, the federal employee’s dependents are eligible for benefits. This may be a spouse or your children, but could also be grandkids and grandparents or even brothers and sisters if they were a dependent of the deceased. Burial expenses and transportation of the deceased to their home location are also covered as a part of Workers’ Compensation Benefits for federal employees.

Getting Help from an Experienced Lawyer

If you are a federal employee in Los Angeles or surrounding areas and you’ve been injured on the job or have acquired a job-related disease, contacting a Workers’ Compensation lawyer in the area may help you to receive benefits for your claim. The team at the Kenton Koszdin Law Office can review your claim for Workers’ Compensation Benefits free of charge so you know you’re on the right path. Let an experienced expert in Workers’ Compensation Benefits keep you from being overwhelmed with the process while you recover from your injury or illness. There are time limits for filing your claim for benefits so call us today.

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