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Five Steps To A Successful Claim For Benefits

By Kenton Koszdin on September 25, 2018 | In Social Security Claims Process

Five Steps To A Successful Claim For Benefits

Applying for disability benefits is much more complex than filling in the forms and waiting for a decision. The information you provide, and how the SSA interprets that information, is generally the most important aspect of a claim. When you fill out the forms you receive, you must convince a decision-maker that you are entitled to receive disability benefits.

There are five steps that are accepted as playing a major role in a successful disability claim, which you should follow in order. The following five steps generally apply to SSDI benefit; however, they may also help you when applying for other types of disability benefit.

Currently Unemployed

In order to qualify for SSDI, you must not be engaging in substantial gainful activity (SGA). In other words, when you submit your claim the SSA wants to know that you are currently unemployed due to disability. If you are still working, the agency will deny your disability claim on those grounds alone – regardless of the nature of your condition.

Severe Impairment

The SSA will determine if you have a severe impairment or combination of impairments. This is the stage of your application where it is important to list all your disabilities. You will need to source medical records from your providers, ensuring that contact details are included so the SSA is able to follow up on any queries during the application process.

Listing of Impairment

There is a listing of impairment which is used to establish whether disability claim applicants meet the requirements for the benefit. However, the SSA will look at the information you have provided to determine whether your particular disability qualifies, even if one or more of your disabilities is not listed. It is therefore important that you fully describe your disability when applying for benefits.

Unable to Work

You must describe how your disability affects your ability to work. The SSA wants to know about your previous occupation as well as any impairment that would prevent you from gaining employment in another occupation. Essentially, if you are deemed able to perform other work in the regional or national economy, you are deemed fit for some level of employment, and therefore do not qualify for SSDI.

Disability Attorney

Disability forms require a great amount of detail that is not necessarily well described in the accompanying notes you receive with your application. This information includes names of diagnosed disabilities and how they affect you in daily life, medical records, contact details for doctors and therapists, and any other information that would support your claim for SSDI.

Kenton Koszdin Law Office will give you access to an experienced and expert legal team who can help you navigate the process of applying for disability benefits. We understand the requirements outlined by the SSA in California and how they apply to our clients with disabilities. Call our offices today if you would like a consultation on applying for disability benefits and how to increase your chances for a successful claim.

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