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    Four Most Common Fatal Los Angeles Construction Accidents

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on March 8, 2016 | In Construction Accidents

    There are many hazards on construction sites that can result in serious and even fatal injuries. Here are four of the most common types of incidents on Los Angeles construction sites that lead to worker fatalities:

    • Falls: Falls from ladders, scaffolds, and roofs are particularly common and dangerous. According to the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA), of the 828 total fatalities in the construction industry that occurred in the year 2013, 291 involved falls to a lower level. These types of accidents are often preventable through the use of proper safety measures. Employers must plan projects in a way to ensure that workers are safe and workers must be provided proper training and fall safety equipment.
    • Struck by an object: After falls, construction workers are most in danger of suffering fatal injuries from being struck by falling or flying objects. One of the reasons why all visitors to construction sites must wear hard hats is because it is relatively common for building materials and debris to fall from above.
    • Electrocutions: Electricians, construction workers, and crane operators are all in danger of suffering fatal electrocution injuries. These types of accidents most commonly involve a failure to keep workers away from dangerous power lines or to communicate when certain areas have live wires and should be avoided.
    • Being caught between objects: On any given construction site, there are many large, moving parts. Cranes, trucks, bulldozers, and other large vehicles regularly move around construction sites while carrying heavy and dangerous materials. Workers often do not even know they are in danger of being crushed until it is too late.

    Besides these top four leading factors in fatal construction accidents, workers also have to be aware of trench cave-ins, crane accidents, scaffolds collapse accidents, defective power tools, and many other serious hazards. Employers must take every precaution to assess dangerous situations and to provide proper gear and training to protect workers.

    If you have lost a loved one in a Los Angeles construction accident, do not hesitate to seek out legal guidance. Financial support may be available not only from death benefits through workers’ compensation insurance but also through a third-party claim against the person or entity responsible for the fatal accident.

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