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    Helping a Loved One Seek Social Security Disability Benefits

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on August 26, 2013 | In Social Security Disability

    Family members of disabled individuals know how hard life can be with a disabling illness or injury. You may watch your loved one struggle with everyday tasks, fighting between the desire to keep living independently and the need for help. You may have to postpone your own career or hobby plans in order to help your loved one live well.

    Family members and close friends can help their loved ones who are seeking Social Security disability benefits. While your loved one’s experienced Social Security disability benefits attorney will do much of the “heavy lifting” that comes with applying for or appealing a denial of benefits, there are many things you can do to help.

    • Listen. Disabilities are tough to live with, and the SSD application process can be difficult. Let your loved one know you are always there to offer a sympathetic ear and that you support him or her no matter what happens.
    • Help your loved one stay organized. Keep all paperwork in the same folder, and keep the folder in a specific location so that every family member can find it if needed.
    • Offer transportation. Your loved one will need to attend attorney meetings, doctor’s appointments, hearings, and other errands.
    • Offer to take other tasks off your loved one’s hands. This way he or she can focus on upcoming disability benefits hearings or meetings. Do a load of laundry, cook dinner, or watch the children for an afternoon.
    • Consider creating a power of attorney. Especially if your loved one has significant difficulty handling finances or other decisions, consider speaking to his or her attorney. This will allow you or another person your loved one trusts to handle some of these matters on his or her behalf.

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