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How Will the Government Shutdown Affect My Social Security Disability Benefits?

By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on October 8, 2013 | In Social Security Disability

If you receive disability or retirement benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA), the recent government shutdown may have left you concerned – and for good reason. The longer the shutdown continues, the more likely it is that Social Security disability (SSD) and other benefits will be negatively affected, potentially leaving millions of Americans without the support they need to survive.

During the shutdown itself, Social Security checks are not affected, according to the current administration. Government employees responsible for sending out these payments are considered “essential” personnel, so they stay on the job.

A shutdown that lasts too long, however, runs the risk of preventing a vote by Congress to raise the debt ceiling: the limit on spending that prevents the government from spending money beyond certain total amounts. Once the federal government reaches this limit, it is no longer allowed to spend money. In this situation, SSD recipients would stop receiving the benefits they need..

Raising the debt ceiling is the responsibility of Congress. If Congress does not meet due to the shutdown, they will not be able to address the very important issue of the debt ceiling. A neglected debt ceiling vote can have a disastrous effect on the rest of the country, including those who rely on disability and other benefits to meet their basic needs.

At the Kenton Koszdin Law Office, our experienced southern California Social Security disability benefits attorneys can help you obtain benefits, fight any negative decision made by the SSA, and plan ahead in times of crisis. Contact us today to learn more.

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