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    How Social Security Disability Attorneys Can Help Speed Up the Process

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on March 11, 2015 | In Social Security Claims Process

    The Social Security disability insurance claims process can take months and even years. If you are unable to work because of a serious injury or illness, you are probably wondering how you can speed up that process. While there is no secret formula or fast track available, a disability attorney may be able to help you expedite the process. There are ways to help you get a decision on your claim in a timely manner.

    First, a Social Security disability attorney can help you receive approval on your first attempt. A significant number of applicants have their initial application denied. If you work with a skilled attorney, you will have a much better chance of avoiding the lengthy appeal process, which can take more than a year. Your attorney can help you receive an approval by:

    • Helping you gather medical evidence to back up your claim
    • Properly filling out your application
    • Seeking support from a doctor who will add credibility and proof to your claim
    • Notifying Social Security if your case is eligible for expedited treatment

    If your original application is denied, you will need a Social Security attorney to obtain an “on the record” (OTR) decision. Your lawyer can prepare your case, gather new medical records, create a proposed decision, and negotiate your disability onset date. If your claim is denied in the OTR stage, it is still possible to receive benefits with the help of an attorney.

    After the OTR decision, your case may go to a hearing. First, your attorney could help you write a dire need letter to push up your hearing date. Then, at the hearing, your attorney will greatly improve your chances of winning the appeal. Your disability lawyer can help you prepare answers for the questions you will be asked and work with witnesses who will appear at the hearing on your behalf.

    There is no easy way to receive benefits. Many claims are denied and it is common for disabled applicants to give up before the appeal process is finished. Having an experienced Van Nuys Social Security Disability attorney by your side can very well increase your chances of being approved and decrease the amount of time it takes to process your application.

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