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    How to Avoid Damaging Your Workers’ Compensation Case

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on October 3, 2019 | In Workers Compensation

    How to Avoid Damaging Your Workers’ Compensation Case

    If you have experienced a work-related injury or illness and have filed a Workers’ Compensation (WC) claim, you may want to sit back and relax and just let the benefits come to you. This is a bad idea!

    Your employer has an insurance company handling your case, and that company will watch your every move so they can save your employer money – in other words, they will try to prove that you are not as hurt or sick as you are claiming.

    You have to be on your toes! Here are some tips to keep you from ruining your WC case:

    • Get medical attention right away. You may feel that your accident isn’t serious enough for an emergency room visit or even an appointment with your doctor. But remember that you are trying to prove that your job caused your injuries or illness, and you need a doctor to document your injury, its symptoms and a recommended treatment plan.
    • Report your injury to your employer. Without that report, you will not be able to get WC benefits and your private health insurance may even deny your medical expenses because they were work-related. Get the WC forms from your employer and complete and return them immediately so they can be sent to the claims administrator.
    • Keep careful records. Take notes about and photos of the scene of the accident. Collect witness names. Maintain a notebook to track your symptoms, medical treatments and appointments, medical tests and results. Write how you feel each day, why you can’t work and how your injury or illness affects your personal life.
    • Don’t think your employer is on your side. Your company wants the insurance company to pay out the minimum on your claim. The insurance company will want to try and get old medical records, so don’t sign their medical authorization.
    • Attend all hearings and depositions. If you are a no-show, the judge may stop your benefits or even dismiss your case. Your attorney can reschedule an appointment if you are unable to attend.
    • Stay away from social media. Nothing on social media should ever be considered private, so don’t post anything about your accident or any related photos. Avoid posting activities after your accident or an investigator may determine that your injuries are not that serious.

    Read our Ten Ways to Screw Up Your Workers’ Comp Case for more information.

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