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    Injured at Work? How to Prove That it Happened on the Job

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on May 16, 2019 | In Workers Compensation

    Injured at Work? How to Prove That it Happened on the Job

    You have injured your back at work and must stay out for a few weeks. You know that your injury happened while lifting those boxes in the storeroom. But how can you prove to your employer’s Workers’ Compensation (WC) insurer that your injury happened on the job?

    One of the most crucial components of the long and complicated WC claims process is demonstrating that your injury or illness is work-related. If the proof that you provide is inadequate, you may not receive any WC money.

    Employers and their insurance companies want to pay out as little in WC settlements as possible, so it’s important that you present a strong case that your injury or illness is job-related.

    Evidence to Demonstrate That Your Injury or Illness is Work-Related

    • Photos of your injuries
    • Photos of the scene
    • Footage from security cameras
    • Witness reports
    • Employer accident reports
    • Medical documentation
    • Equipment maintenance reports
    • Time report proving you were clocked in when the accident occurred

    Even if you present these types of evidence, your employer may still attempt to declare that your injury is not related to your job. Here is a sample of the type of arguments they may make to disprove your claim:

    • You were not working at the time.
    • You were working while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • You were misusing equipment or using equipment that you were not authorized to use.
    • Your injury was a pre-existing condition.

    An experienced Southern California Workers’ Compensation attorney can help make sure that your evidence presents a strong case and can combat illegitimate employer defenses.

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