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Los Angeles Outdoor Movie Nights

By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on August 4, 2015 | In Social Security Disability

Los Angeles Outdoor Movie Nights

Even though the drive-in is a thing of the past, there are still plenty of places to see movies outdoors in Los Angeles. Over the past couple years, locations all over the city have started putting up big screens and showing movies under the stars. With our warm summer nights that last all year, people have been able to check out classic movies like E.T. and Back to the Future on blankets with friends and family.

Summer Isn’t Over Yet!

Outdoor movie season starts in June, but you still have plenty of chances to see some great movies. Screenings last until October, so remember to bring sweaters to some of the later dates.

Here are some other tips to enjoying outdoor movie nights:

  • Bring blankets or lawn chairs to sit on (don’t forget that most locations are on grass or concrete)
  • Pack sweaters and jackets (the temperature can get down to 60 degrees on some nights, be ready)
  • Pack food (an outdoor movie is a great chance to picnic, but all the locations will have food trucks for your snacking needs)
  • Get there early to find parking

Where To See Movies Outdoors in Los Angeles

There are many places to go see some of your favorite movies outdoors in Los Angeles. Here are some of the more popular places to go that still have great movies scheduled:

  • Electric Dusk Drive-In is an actual drive-in! One of the most popular outdoor movie spots in Los Angeles is right downtown. Saturday nights, a big screen is set-up in a parking lot. Movies are shown until Christmas! Tickets are $13 per person.
  • Street Food Cinema hosts outdoor movie nights in different places all over the city. There will be food trucks. Lots of food trucks. Expect grilled cheese next to sushi to go with your movie.
  • Silver Lake Picture Show is a community-oriented event for the artsy Eastside types. Movie nights include live music from local acts.

There are lots of places to have summer fun at night. The Kenton Koszdin Law Office hopes everyone has a good time and stays safe.

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