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    OSHA Promotes Safety On Construction Sites

    By Kenton Koszdin on October 9, 2018 | In Workers Compensation News

    OSHA Promotes Safety On Construction Sites

    OSHA has established rules and regulations regarding the construction industry to help increase safety on construction sites. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is responsible for establishing safety rules for all employees regardless of industry. However, the construction industry presents several unique work hazards. Safety standards for the construction industry are in place based on those unique work hazards.

    Importance of Safety on Construction Sites

    It is estimated that there are almost 7 million people working in the construction industry spread out over almost 300,000 construction sites. Major construction activities include everything from large-scale painting projects to remodels, from demolitions to bridge construction. The fatal injury rate for those working in construction is much higher than the national average, making it one of the most dangerous careers. This is why OSHA has established such strict guidelines to maintain safety on construction sites.

    The Most Common Construction Industry Hazards

    Every construction jobsite is unique and will present unique hazards. However, there are some hazards that pertain to most workers. This makes them important to prevention measures, ensuring safety on construction sites. Falls from high places or when scaffolding and ladders fail are one of the most common construction site hazards. However, there are also electrical hazards and more. It is vital that all construction site workers work together to ensure safety on construction sites through communication.

    Safety Training

    Those who wish to train construction site workers on proper safety, including the training of supervisors, need to meet several prerequisites as well as undergo training themselves. Courses are offered through authorized organizations that help to maintain safety on construction sites through those trained in the rules and regulations set by OSHA. This training is specific to the construction industry, focusing on all aspects of safety related to construction work.

    Directorate of Construction (DOC)

    The DOC is the official guideline when it comes to safety on construction sites. It lists all the regulations that OSHA has implemented for safety in the construction industry, including minimum safety standards. It also outlines how OSHA will work with other government agencies to enforce those standards and regulations. This lengthy document explains all the details of what rules need to be enforced on each construction site, how to implement them, and how OSHA will enforce it.

    Safety on construction sites is important, but injuries can still occur even when all standards and regulations are in place. If you’ve been hurt on a job site, you want to get the compensation and benefits you deserve. Kenton Koszdin may be able to help you get those benefits. Click here to leave a message for the legal staff at Koszdin Law Office and to schedule your free consultation.

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