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Common Work Injuries

Common work injuries can often result in the most debilitating disabilities. If you are one of the many people who have been injured while carrying out your normal work duties, there is a chance you may never work again. When… Read More

Common Disabilities & Eligibility

“Common disability impairments” sound like simple descriptions of conditions that would qualify a person for benefits. The truth of the matter is, there is a list of disability impairments that case examiners look at when considering any disability claim. Your… Read More

Common Disability Impairments

The listing of disability impairments, often referred to as “the Blue Book,” is a list of disabilities the SSA uses as a guide in determining if a claimant is eligible for benefits. Seeing your disability in the blue book does… Read More

Typical Disability Claim Process

The disability claim process is often anything but typical. If you have all your ducks in a row, so to speak, you may be one of the lucky few who have their claim processed without any stumbling blocks along the… Read More

Symptoms Assessment Process for Disability

The symptoms assessment process for people applying for disability is not cut and dried. The Code of Federal Regulations sets out a number of conditions which are considered when processing a disability claim. General Determination of Disability When you file… Read More

Disability Claim Appeal Process

If you’ve been denied for SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) you have the right to file a disability claim appeal. There are regulations about how and when this must be done, as well as a… Read More

Is Stress a Valid Workers’ Compensation Claim?

In several states, including California, you can submit a Workers’ Compensation claim for stress. However, this is one of the hardest injuries or illnesses to prove and that burden of proof is on the employee, which can make your claim… Read More

What Forms are Needed to Apply for Social Security?

Applying for Social Security benefits, whether SSI or SSDI, can be a lengthy process. There is a lot of paperwork involved. Even if you apply over the phone, the representative will be asking for the same information to help them… Read More

Social Security Disability (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are two federal programs that provide benefits for individuals with disabilities. The SSDI program provides income to disabled workers who have worked long enough to qualify and who have paid Social… Read More

Hiring a Workers’ Compensation lawyer can help you get the benefits you need after being injured on the job, or if you have an illness related to your work environment. There are several reasons you would need a lawyer to… Read More

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