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    Your Health and Well-Being Is Important to Us

    Your health and well-being are important to us. We wanted to share some Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources that may help you stay informed and update on simple steps you can take to avoid illness.

    Social security benefits for disability can be hard to get. Statistics show that between 60% to 70% of claims are denied the first time. Here are the top five most commonly approved.

    Ability to Speak English No Longer a Requirement for SSDI Assessment

    As of April 27, 2020, the SSA will not view the inability to speak English as an element when they assess whether a person should receive SSDI.

    Are There Time Limits for a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

    The simple answer to this question is “Yes.” However, there are different components of a Workers’ Compensation (WC) claim with various applicable time limits.

    Arthritis and Social Security Disability

    With the significant pain and joint swelling that can come with any type of arthritis, this disease can limit your ability to work and perform everyday activities.

    New Definition of ‘Employee’ Effective January 1 in California

    With the new law, a worker is considered to be an independent contractor only if the entity paying the worker can verify all three factors

    Partially Disabled Does Not Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

    If a person is partially disabled, are they eligible to collect Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits?  No. You must be totally disabled in order to receive SSDI payments. The Social Security Administration (SSA) defines those who earn more than a certain monthly amount to be engaged in what it calls “substantially gainful activity.” For 2020, those monthly… Read More

    What Is the Relationship Between Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability?

    Benefit programs like Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability may seem to offer the same benefit because they provide payments for those who are disabled. But these public programs have different benefits as well as different eligibility criteria.

    New Online Method Available to Report Imposter Social Security Scam Calls

    If you have received any type of phone call that claims to be from the SSA and that you believe is fraudulent, please report it. And now it is easy to do so.

    Can Other Payments Affect Social Security Disability Benefits?

    Social Security Disability Benefits payments can be affected by income from other sources. Here are some guidelines to help you.

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