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    Personal Injury Cases: DOs and DON’Ts

    By Kenton Koszdin on November 16, 2021 | In Blogs

    Personal Injury Cases: DOs and DON’Ts

    Personal injury cases are legal disputes that arise when an individual suffers bodily harm from an injury or accident inflicted on them by another entity.

    Here are a few DOs for your personal injury cases:

    DO get immediate medical treatment: 

    To avoid any questions from the defense about delays in getting medical treatment, ensure that you show up for all your medical and therapeutic appointments. In this stressful time, your lawyer can help coordinate doctor appointments.

    DO monitor your physical and mental health:

    It is essential to the case to keep tabs on even the little details that would otherwise go unnoticed. Therefore, keep your mental and physical health documented by penning down your experiences during the day.

    DO disclose all information to your lawyers:

    Any information you remember should be recorded. Perhaps as a reminder note, and always relayed to your lawyer. For example, in your recollection, picture the circumstances in your mind and identify any potential witnesses. Quickly getting in touch with them may help support your case.

    DO change your social media privacy settings:

    Any information acquired regarding the case by the defendant can change the course of the proceedings. Refrain from using social media for some time.

    Now, here are a few DON’Ts to follow for your personal injury case:

    DON’T belittle or overstate your injuries:

    Be precise and accurate about the way you feel so that the doctors can diagnose you properly. Stating facts will prevent any irregularity in your statements that could otherwise weaken your case.

    DON’T disclose discussions with your lawyer with others:

    Your lawyer is your strategist. Any conversations you have with your lawyer are strictly confidential and not shared with anyone else. You never know. Something seemingly insignificant to you might be of pivotal importance to the defendant.

    DON’T say anything in the absence of your lawyer:

    Any written or verbal statements you make can be recorded and be used against you and may undermine your claim. Therefore, make sure that your lawyer is present in such situations.

    Reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer to relieve you and help you fight your case in the best possible manner.

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