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    Poll Finds Most People Support Social Security Disability Benefits for Those Who Need Them

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on October 16, 2012 | In Social Security Disability

    A recent poll conducted by Lincoln Park Strategies found that 83 percent of U.S. residents think Social Security disability (SSD) benefits help those who need them and that eliminating the benefits would be unfair, according to an article in the Sacramento Bee.

    The study was commissioned by the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR), which asked whether Americans thought the SSD program should be subjected to budget cuts or remain at its current levels and methods of funding. Eighty-three percent of respondents thought the program should remain as it is, and 77 percent encouraged Congress to trim other programs as a way of balancing the budget.

    Social Security disability benefits are paid to those whose physical or mental disabilities leave them unable to work. Generally speaking, workers must have paid into the system for a minimum amount of time to receive benefits, or they must be the spouse or child of someone who has the required work record.

    Benefits are based on how much one has earned in the past. They may be combined with other benefits, like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for low-income households or workers’ compensation benefits for those who are injured or become ill on the job.

    Navigating the maze of SSD requirements for disability benefits can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re already trying to manage your medical condition. At the Kenton Koszdin Law Office, our experienced California Social Security disability benefits claims attorneys can help you build a strong application and secure the benefits you and your family need. Call us today at (800) 438-7734 for a free, confidential consultation.

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