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    Preparing for the Social Security Benefits Appliciation

    By Kenton Koszdin on September 7, 2018 | In Disability Insurance

    Preparing for the Social Security Benefits Appliciation

    When you decide it’s time to apply for Social Security benefits after becoming disabled, it is important to know what you can do to prepare. This makes the process much easier on you, but it also helps to process your application much quicker. The SSA will require many vital pieces of information from you, and if you have everything gathered before you apply, you can save some headache.

    Application & Adult Disability Report

    The first request for information from the SSA when applying for Social Security benefits will be the application. For disability benefits, including SSI and SSDI, you also need to fill out the Adult Disability Report. The application itself is fairly straightforward and can be filled out online or in person, but it may take you some time to fill out the supplemental report. An application for Social Security benefits won’t be processed without it. Here is what you will need to complete it:

    • All medical conditions that limit your work activity
    • Work history including how your disabilities affect you in your current job, or in the previous one if you are no longer working
    • Fifteen years of job history
    • Medications you currently take and treatments you have undergone due to your disability
    • A section for your remarks – this is where you want to make your case about the need for Social Security benefits; you may want to speak to a disability lawyer about how best to do this.

    Medical Records

    The medical records you provide to the SSA can prove the claims you make in your application and on the Adult Disability Report. It is important to give them the most thorough records possible, so they don’t have to request any additional information. When submitting medical records to obtain Social Security benefits, you will need to provide the following:

    • For every doctor you have seen, including hospitals and clinics, you will need to give them names, addresses, and phone numbers as well as the dates you were seen there.
    • If you have any medical records in your possession, make sure to give them these as well.
    • Proof of any medications you are currently taking, such as prescription info pages or pictures of the bottles.
    • If this is related to a Worker’s Compensation injury, you will need to provide the dates of the claim, the claim number, and proof of any payments you have received regarding the case.

    Important Paperwork

    To prove your income over the last year, you will need to provide the previous year’s W-2 forms. If you don’t have any because you are a contract worker, 1099s are important. For those who are self-employed, the previous year’s tax return, with all schedules, will need to be submitted. Even if you apply online for Social Security benefits, you will need this information. If you were in the military, a copy of your DD-214 will prove your previous active service.

    Other Vital Information to Have Ready When Applying for Social Security Benefits

    Not only will you need to provide your social security number on your application, they will also request the social security numbers for your spouse and any children you still have as dependents. Have the account number and routing number for your checking or savings account if you have one. (They may request you to open an account for direct deposit if you are approved for Social Security benefits.) They will also want the name and number of someone they can contact in the event they can’t reach you.

    All of this can be rather overwhelming when looking at the big picture. If you’d like a knowledgeable disability lawyer on your side, call the law office of Kenton Koszdin for a consultation regarding your case. With many successful cases under his belt, he may be able to get your Social Security benefits claim handled quickly and efficiently. You can make applying for Social Security benefits much easier by having the right lawyer help you through the process. The office is located in Van Nuys, CA and we serve the greater Los Angeles area from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills.

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