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    Why Might I Stop Receiving SSD Benefits?

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on February 7, 2013 | In Social Security Disability

    The Social Security Administration (SSA) is required to review the file of every person receiving Social Security disability (SSD) benefits from time to time. The amount of time between reviews depends on how likely your medical condition is to improve. During a review, you may have an experienced Social Security disability attorney of your choice help you deal with the SSA, collect medical records, and take care of other tasks.

    After a review, the SSA might decide to stop your benefits. Here are some of the reasons the SSA might refuse to continue offering SSD benefits after a review:

    • Your condition has improved enough that the SSA believes you can work to support yourself.
    • You’ve received vocational training or advanced medical treatment, and the SSA believes it’s helped you enough that you can work to support yourself.
    • The SSA made a mistake in an earlier decision to grant or continue benefits.
    • The SSA believes you could work if you followed your doctor’s orders, but that you’re not following them and don’t have a good reason not to do so.
    • The SSA believes you gave false or misleading information or you aren’t cooperating with the SSA and have no good reason not to cooperate.
    • You are working and earning enough money to meet the SSA’s definition of “substantial work,” which changes yearly; consult the SSA’s website for the most recent figures.

    If you need help applying for SSD benefits or challenging a denial or stoppage of benefits, contact the experienced Los Angeles Social Security disability benefits attorneys at the Koszdin Law Office today.

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