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    Seeking Compensation for Work-Related Car Accidents

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on April 27, 2015 | In Workplace Injury

    Seeking Compensation for Work-Related Car Accidents

    Truck drivers are not the only employees who can suffer a workplace injury while driving. Whether you deliver products for your employer or have been sent on a business errand, you can suffer an injury in a Los Angeles car accident that is considered work-related. Therefore, you may have multiple legal options available to help you get the financial support you need to recover.

    As is true with all Los Angeles car accidents, you can seek financial support for your losses by filing a claim against the at-fault driver. However, you must prove that the at-fault driver’s negligence contributed to your injuries in order to recover damages. When the accident is work-related, you may also file for workers’ compensation benefits.

    Fault and negligence are not factors when collecting workers’ compensation benefits. If you were injured while performing work-related activities, your injuries should be covered. This means that you can pursue financial support through workers’ compensation benefits if you are:

    • Struck by a car on your employer’s property.
    • Injured while driving as a truck driver, taxi driver, delivery worker, or other employee asked to drive while working.
    • Hurt while unloading your vehicle for work.
    • Injured while operating construction equipment.
    • Hit by a work vehicle such as a truck, lift, or van.
    • Injured while on-the-clock for your employer.

    There are different types of benefits available depending upon which legal options you explore. For example, a personal injury claim against a negligent driver can result in financial support for all of your financial, emotional, and physical damages. You can seek support from the at-fault driver for the cost of hospitalization, your treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, lost benefits, and other related damages.

    Workers’ compensation benefits can cover all of your related medical bills plus a portion of your lost wages. While each case is different, it is often advisable to file a personal injury claim as well as a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. This is typically the best way to ensure that all of the financial losses suffered are adequately compensated in a timely manner. A Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney can review all of your options and ensure that you are offered the support you need.

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