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Social Security Benefits Can End

By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on June 2, 2015 | In Social Security Disability

Social Security Benefits Can End

Receiving disability benefits is often a stressful and lengthy process. Once you are finally approved for disability support, it is reasonable to assume that you will continue to receive benefits for years to come. However, it is possible to have your benefits terminated. There are a number of reasons why your benefits will stop coming, including life events and changes to your condition. Understanding what can make your benefits go away can help you avoid this unfortunate circumstance.

Keep in mind that Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) is based on earned work credits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a needs-based program based on what you can currently earn. Therefore, there are a number of circumstances that could affect SSDI, SSI, or both.

First, your medical condition can have an impact on SSDI or SSI. If your physical or mental condition improves, the Social Security Administration could decide that you are no longer disabled, and therefore are no longer eligible for benefits. Continuing disability reviews are not as strict as the reviews conducted when you first apply for disability insurance, but they can result in a loss of benefits.

Your ability to return to work can also cause your benefits to stop. Benefits are not available for individuals who are able to earn a certain amount of money each month. Substantial Gainful Activity in the year 2015 is $1,090 for non-blind disabled applicants and $1,820 for blind applicants. That means applicants and recipients of benefits must earn less than that amount to continue your eligibility.

However, you can enter a trial work period to see if you can work without having it affect your eligibility. If you return to work while receiving benefits, you may be able to continue to receive benefits for up to nine months. If you can continue to work and average over the substantial gainful activity limits, your benefits will stop.

Here are a few more key factors that may affect your eligibility:

  • Your age: If you reach full retirement age, your benefits will stop because you cannot receive disability benefits at the same time as retirement benefits.
  • Incarceration: Your benefits will stop for the period of time you are incarcerated.
  • Increased income: If the money you earn goes above above a certain limit, your benefits will go away.
  • Free food and shelter: If you begin to receive free food and shelter, those assets can count toward your income and make you ineligible for benefits.
  • Your location: Entering or leaving an institution, halfway house, or nursing home can affect your eligibility. Leaving the country for 30 days or more can stop your benefits as well.

For more information about how you can continue receiving much-needed benefits and assistance, contact an experienced Los Angeles Social Security Disability lawyer at the Kenton Koszdin Law Office. Dial (818) 901-9999.

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