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    Social Security Disability: How Does a Continuing Disability Review Work?

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on October 13, 2017 | In Social Security Disability

    Social Security Disability: How Does a Continuing Disability Review Work?

    Generally, Social Security Disability (SSDI) payments continue as long as you are not working and remain disabled.

    The Social Security Disability Administration checks periodically to ensure that you are still disabled. These evaluations are called Continuing Disability Reviews (CDR) and are scheduled based on the cause and severity of your disability:

    If your condition is expected to improve, the review will be between 6-18 months after your disability date.

    • If it is possible that your condition will improve, the review will be every 3 years.
    • If no improvement is expected, your condition will be reviewed every 7 years.

    For beneficiaries under age 50, CDR reviews may occur more frequently.

    Outside of the schedule above, a CDR may be scheduled if you have actually returned to work, if a new treatment for your condition is introduced or if medical evidence indicates that your condition has improved.

    The CDR Review Process

    When you are selected for a CDR, you will receive a letter asking that you visit your local SSA office. Bring along all recent medical and work documentation.

    Continuation of your SSDI benefits after the CDR hinges on these questions:

    • Has your condition improved? If the answer is NO, then benefits will continue.
    • Are you now able to return to work? If the answer is YES, your SSD benefits will be stopped. At that time, you will be advised of the appeal process.

    Take action quickly if your SSDI benefits stop after a CDR review. You have only 60 days to appeal this decision.

    Please reach out for us if you feel that your benefits have ceased incorrectly. We have the right experience in CDR reviews and disability benefit appeals and will work hard to increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

    Read more about CDRs in the Social Security Administration brochure What You Need To Know: Reviewing Your Disability.

    Let Us Help You Apply for SSDI or Appeal an SSDI Denial

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