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    Social Security Disability Insurance Award Letter Frequently Asked Questions

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on April 12, 2016 | In Social Security Disability

    Social Security Disability Insurance Award Letter Frequently Asked Questions

    When a decision is made regarding your application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will inform you of their decision as to whether or not they have agreed to grant you SSDI benefits by mail. If the SSA has denied your SSDI claim, you will receive a “denial letter.” If the SSA has approved your SSDI claim you will receive an “award letter.”

    FAQ About SSDI Benefit Award Letters

    Kenton Koszdin Law Office has helped thousands of Los Angeles area residents secure the benefits they need. Following are some questions former clients applying for SSDI have asked.

    Q: What kind of information is included on an SSDI award letter?

    A: Your SSDI award letter will include the following:

    1. The date you will begin to receive your SSDI benefits (the date may be retroactive)
    2. The amount of your monthly SSDI Benefit
    3. When you should expect to receive your first SSDI benefit payment.

    Q: When can I expect to receive my SSDI award letter?

    A: If your initial claim is approved, you will receive your SSDI award letter within three months. If your claim is approved at the hearing level, you will first receive a “Notice of Decision” letter. Your actual SSDI award letter may take another six weeks to arrive.

    Q: What if I think I should be getting a larger amount for my monthly SSDI benefit, or I the start date should be sooner?

    A: You can file an appeal with the SSA within 60 days.

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    Remember, it is always advantageous to have the representation of an experienced SSDI attorney throughout the claims, hearing, and appeals process. If you have any further questions regarding your SSDI claims letter, contact the legal professionals at Kenton Koszdin Law Office. We can be reached at (800) 438-7734.

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