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Social Security Fund Trust Report Shows Improvement over Last Year But Depletion Is Still on the Horizon

By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on May 1, 2019 | In Social Security Disability

Social Security Fund Trust Report Shows Improvement over Last Year But Depletion Is Still on the Horizon

In the most recent annual report published by the Trustees for the Social Security Funds, the prediction date for when the old age fund will be depleted – 2034 – remains unchanged from last year. However, the outlook for the disability fund has improved dramatically, pushing the depletion date back to 2052 from 2032.

The annual Trustee report, issued April of each year, calculates how long each Social Security Fund will last, accounting for taxes coming into the funds and beneficiary payments going out. The depletion dates are when each of the funds is expected to run out of money so only incoming taxes will support benefit payments.

The Disability Insurance Trust Fund makes Social Security Disability (SSDI) payments to disabled workers and their families. Benefits for retired workers, their families and the families of deceased workers are paid out of the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund.

These payments are big numbers, with the combined Social Security disability and old-age benefits totaling $853 billion in 2018.

Why the Major Shift that Extended the Depletion Date for the Disability Fund?

The dramatic 20-year extension of the Disability Trust Fund has several rationales including:

  • Favorable experience for SSDI applications, which have regularly declined since 2010. Our thriving economy is part of the reason as employment is easier to find.
  • Favorable experience for SSDI beneficiary awards.
  • A declining birth rate which allows the Funds to predict that there will be fewer SSDI applicants in the future.

What Will Happen If Congress Allows the Funds to Reach Their Depletion Thresholds?

When each of the funds is depleted, the current plan is that beneficiaries will continue to receive payments but in reduced amounts:

  • SSDI recipients will receive 91% of their monthly benefit
  • Recipients of the Old Age (retirement) payments will receive 77% of their monthly benefit

However, it is very unlikely that Congress will let this issue go unresolved. Taken together, the funds for both SSDI and retirement benefits will last one year more than last year’s report indicated. The combined funds will be depleted in 2035. Our legislators must take action well before that date to keep these programs solvent.

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