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    Southern California Employers See Workers’ Compensation Costs Increase, But Not Much

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on August 7, 2012 | In Workers Compensation News

    Southern California Employers See Workers’ Compensation Costs Increase, But Not Much

    A recent report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that the costs of wages, benefits, and workers’ compensation increased for southern California laborers over the last year, but that the cost increase kept pace with inflation and the rising costs of other items, according to an article in the Press-Enterprise.

    The report analyzed the twelve months between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. It found that southern California employers paid out 1.6 percent more for worker wages and benefits, including workers’ compensation insurance, than in the previous twelve months. However, the report also found that the rate of inflation was also 1.6 percent, and that the increase in costs to southern California employers was “modest” compared to the rest of the nation.

    The costs of CA workers’ compensation insurance do not affect whether or not a worker is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if he or she is injured. California employees may receive workers’ compensation benefits if they meet the legal requirements, no matter what those benefits cost the employer. However, rising costs make it more likely that some employers will “drag their heels” or try to avoid providing required benefits, and also that some employers may try to skirt the law by not covering their workers at all.

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