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    Understanding a Quick Disability Determination (QDD)

    By Kenton Koszdin on September 12, 2018 | In Disability Insurance

    Understanding a Quick Disability Determination (QDD)

    A Quick Disability Determination (QDD) may be able to help you receive disability benefits much sooner than if your application were to go through the usual complete process. However, there are some things you need to know about a QDD case and whether your case is eligible. In most cases, consulting with a disability lawyer can help you through the QDD process.

    What is a Quick Disability Determination (QDD)?

    If your disability case will most likely be approved, you may be eligible for a QDD so you can receive benefits sooner. A disability lawyer can help you decide if your situation makes you eligible for this process. To be eligible for quicker processing, you will need to have proofs of your disability in the form of medical records and other documentation that will assist the SSA in making a determination.

    What Does a Quick Disability Determination (QDD) Examiner Do?

    If it has been found that your disability application qualifies for a QDD process, you will be assigned an examiner. This examiner has several duties when it comes to approving or denying your application. They may send you for a consult for your medical or psychological conditions and use this information when making a Quick Disability Determination (QDD). A consult is not always necessary, however, and they make their determination without one. This means they would be making their decision with only the evidence provided to them in your case file. They can also decide if your case doesn’t qualify for a QDD and send it for normal processing.

    How is a QDD Case Different from a CAL Case?

    If you have a condition that falls under the compassionate allowance (CAL), the application process is usually simpler than if you are eligible for a QDD. The CAL offers over 200 conditions that qualify for faster processing of the application and benefits even before the final determination is made. The QDD isn’t based on specific conditions but the probability that your application will be approved. In fact, you may qualify with a CAL condition as well as a Quick Disability Determination (QDD).

    Kenton Koszdin may be able to help you speed up your application for disability benefits if you qualify for a Quick Disability Determination (QDD). If you are in or around Los Angeles, from Glendale to Huntington Beach, request a callback from the Kenton Koszdin Law Office so they can review your case and help speed up the application process.

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