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    Understanding Common Social Security Disability Myths

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on August 7, 2012 | In Social Security Disability

    There are many myths and misconceptions about Social Security Disability (SSD) floating around in the world that many people believe, but are not necessarily true. Here are some of the most common myths and the facts behind them.

    • Myth: You can’t get benefits until you are bedridden or nearly dead.
    • FactSocial Security Disability benefits are available to anyone with a “marked or serious impairment” that is expected to last at least one year and/or to result in the person’s death. While this often means you are limited in what you can do in your daily life, it does not mean you must be confined to bed, hospitalized, or at death’s door. Many people receive SSD benefits and live long lives.
    • Myth: You’re not allowed to work while on Social Security Disability.
    • Fact: Those who receive SSD benefits may work and earn money without losing their benefits. The amount you earn must be limited, but the Social Security Administration (SSA) will allow you to work and even help you find work while still receiving support for your disability.
    • Myth: You cannot qualify for disability benefits if you have money or assets.
    • Fact: You may qualify for SSD benefits and still own assets like a house, car, land, stocks and bonds, or retirement accounts. You do not have to spend all your own money before receiving benefits.

    If you’ve been injured or developed an illness and you cannot work, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits, Supplemental Security Income benefits, or other help. For a free and confidential consultation about your situation and to learn more about your options, call an experienced Los Angeles Social Security disability benefits lawyer at the Kenton Koszdin Law Office today. Our number is (800) 438-7734.

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