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    Understanding Your Social Security Benefit Amount

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on June 28, 2022 | In Blogs

    Understanding Your Social Security Benefit Amount

    Knowing how much social security benefits you are entitled to is one thing, but knowing if you qualify at all is the first step in understanding your social security benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a certain criterion that individuals must meet in order to qualify for benefits. Here are some of their conditions:

    • The individual is disabled. There is a guideline (also known as the blue book) that explains what type of medical conditions fall under the definition of “disability.”
    • Retired personnel.
    • People with limited income and resources to sustain themselves.

    Once you are aware that you qualify for social security insurance benefits, the next step is to calculate your amount of compensation. While you can find the information on SSA’s website, professional lawyers who handle cases related to SSI benefits can also help you understand your compensation amount.

    There can be multiple benefits that you are entitled to; therefore, it is best to check your online statement on SSA’s website. Here are the next steps you should follow to understand your benefits:

    1. Once you have opened SSA’s website, you should click on “My Social Security.”
    2. You will be asked to input your login details, and in case you have not created an account, you will be required to create one.
    3. After creating your account, you will have to answer a few security questions and reset your password.
    4. You will be directed to your statement when you have completed the above steps. Look for the box titled “Your Estimated Benefits” to find out your monthly benefit amount. If the number under this box is zero or the cell is blank, you do not have sufficient credits to qualify for benefits.
    5. However, if an amount is mentioned under the box, that will be your estimated monthly benefit. Even though it is mentioned as “estimated,” it is accurate in most instances.

    Filing your claim can be a lengthy and tiresome process. Nevertheless, attorneys specializing in disability law can help the applicant prepare a strong case, file everything properly and to better understand social security benefits. An applicant must include the following details when filing their claim:

    • The medical condition that classifies them as disabled
    • How and when did the disability occur
    • Work history and educational background
    • Medical records, treatment details and your medical care provider’s address
    • Lab reports, medical prescriptions, and doctors’ contact information

    Once the application is submitted, the SSA will assign a medical consultant and an adjudicator to determine if you qualify for benefits. The process can take long; therefore, keeping track of your application is important. You should also know the timelines for each stage beforehand so that you can follow up regarding status updates of your claim.

    The Kenton Koszdin Law Office, Social Security attorneys in Van Nuys, can help you navigate the disability review process with ease and the best possible outcome for you and your family. Call 800-438-7734 for your initial free consultation held in our office or from the comfort of your own home.

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