What to Expect at a Social Security Disability Hearing

By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on November 3, 2014 | In Social Security Disability

Applications for Social Security Disability benefits are often denied for minor mistakes and misunderstandings. If you have applied for benefits, it is likely that your initial request will be denied and that you will have to appeal that decision. The next step is to request a Social Security Disability hearing with an administrative law judge.

During the hearing, you will have an opportunity to strengthen your case. It is advisable at this time to have a California social security attorney, secure additional pieces of evidence on your behalf. Your attorney can review your claim and make sure that you provide medical evidence and other forms of information that clearly prove your condition. You may want to work with a couple of doctors to receive honest appraisals of your disability. Some doctors, maybe including your own, request a small fee to prepare your evaluation. A reasonable fee is acceptable if it makes a difference in your case.

Your attorney can then speak with the doctors who examined you to explain social security regulations and what is required of them. If your doctor does not have a long history of handling social security cases, he or she may need a few helpful tips while writing the report to increase your chances of receiving coverage.

Next, it is time to prepare for the hearing. Go over questions that you may be asked with your attorney. This way you will be prepared for whatever comes your way during the hearing. Being prepared is key to presenting your case in a clam and professional manner during the hearing.

Now that you have built up your case with the help of medical professionals, and prepared your answers with your attorney, you are ready for the hearing. The hearing itself will be held in a small room with the judge, his or her assistant, your attorney and other helpful experts. It is a private and somewhat informal meeting. Your medical records will be admitted into evidence and you will be questioned either by the judge or by your attorney. Your attorney may then question medical experts who support your case.

The administrative law judge will probably not make any decisions with you in the room. Instead, a written decision will be sent to you or your attorney. You may receive the letter within a few days, but it could take a couple of months. If the decision is favorable, you could start receiving checks within four to eight weeks. If your request has been denied again, there still may be legal options available for you. Contact an experienced California social security disability lawyer for more information.

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