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What Forms are Needed to Apply for Social Security?

By Kenton Koszdin on October 12, 2018 | In Social Security Claims Process

What Forms are Needed to Apply for Social Security?

Applying for Social Security benefits, whether SSI or SSDI, can be a lengthy process. There is a lot of paperwork involved. Even if you apply over the phone, the representative will be asking for the same information to help them fill out the forms on your behalf. But just what is needed? Preparing to fill out the following forms will help you to gather all the information the Social Security Administration will need to make a decision on your case.

What are the forms you will need?

The Application

When applying for SSI, or Supplemental Security Income, the application you will fill out is the SSA-8000-BK. This is the Application for Supplemental Security Income. If you are applying for Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, the application is form SSA-16-BK. These forms are the initial applications you will need for either benefit, and they require much of your basic information such as name and address. Be sure to take your time when filling out the sections on the start date and details of your disability.

The Adult Disability Report

The Adult Disability Report, form SSA-3368-BK, is used for both SSI and SSDI applications. This report asks you to go into more detail about your disability and when it began. However, you will also need to provide information about any treatment for your disability, as well as where those treatments were received. Be sure to give as many details as possible about your disability and how it affects your daily function.

The Work History Report

The Social Security Administration will need to know your work history, including when you worked at each job and what your job description entailed through the Work History Report. You will need to cover your work history for 15 years prior to the date you became disabled. It is important for the SSA to see what skills you’ve had, what skills you are no longer able to do, and what you may still be able to do. It will also help them make a determination as to other work you may be able to do even with your current disability. This form, form SSA-3369-BK, can be filled out at the same time as your application, or it may be requested by the SSA at a later time, but it will be required.

The Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration

Many of the people, agencies, and medical facilities you mention while filling out other SSA forms will need to send in information that is protected or confidential. This means you need to give permission for them to send it. The Authorization form, form SSA-827-BK, will allow the Social Security Administration to receive the protected information through requests and use it when making a determination for possible benefits.

There is a lot of information requested in these initial Social Security forms and finding the answers you need may be overwhelming, or even difficult for you. Having a lawyer with experience in Social Security cases can make the process easier while also making it easier to get these benefits, if you are eligible for them. Kenton Koszdin is one of those lawyers. If you are in the Los Angeles area, call the Koszdin Law Offices to speak with a specialist and schedule a free consultation.

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