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    What Happens At A Disability Hearing? Questions About Medical Conditions & Daily Activities

    By Kenton Koszdin on May 22, 2018 | In Disability Insurance

    What Happens At A Disability Hearing? Questions About Medical Conditions & Daily Activities

    Applicants must present testimony and medical evidence that satisfies the criteria of the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) definition of disability to establish eligibility for benefits. At this hearing, the ALJ will ask questions to learn and understand all of the relevant details of a potential disability case. Today’s blog addresses those questions that involve an applicant’s medical condition and daily activities.

    Medical Condition – These questions involve specific details of medical treatment.

    • What doctors did you see and when?
    • For what specific purpose?
    • What was their area of specialization, if any?
    • How frequently did you see this particular doctor?
    • Were you ever hospitalized? If so, for how long and specifically for what reason?
    • How frequently did you experience pain?
    • What body parts were affected by your condition?
    • Were any side effects present? If so, what?
    • What types of medications did you take? Did you take everything that was prescribed?
    • Were there any circumstances which may have caused your pain to increase or lessen?

    Daily Activities – These questions by the ALJ assess whether an applicant’s daily activities are affected by any disability. Ultimately, the answers to these questions determine an applicant’s limitations and their effect upon his or her ability to work.

    • What is your daily routine?
    • What daily chores do you do?
    • What other daily activities do you do?
    • How have your daily chores and activities been affected by your disability?
    • Are you able to drive?
    • Are you able to leave your residence alone?
    • What limitations related to your daily activities are you experiencing? What is it that you can’t do that you were able to do before your injury?

    It’s not easy to appear in court before a judge no matter how informal the hearing. Often, going to court without an experienced attorney is unwise because of what is at stake – the loss of the valuable right to receive benefits Kenton Koszdin has made countless appearances throughout California for over fifteen years. Kenton Koszdin prepares all of his clients for the intimidating experience of appearing and testifying in a judicial or administrative setting, whether at an informal Social Security hearing or trial in federal court.

    Every application for social security benefits requires the consideration of a substantial list of issues over the life of a case. It’s one matter to apply for and receive benefits, but it’s another to understand what happens after this occurs over the long road ahead. The Kenton Koszdin Law Office provides the necessary experience to represent and assist you throughout the entire process in Social Security Disability and workers’ compensation. Do you have any questions or concerns about how Social Security benefits affect your receipt of Medicare and/or Medicaid? If so, contact the Kenton Koszdin Law Office to get the Social Security help you need in the San Fernando Valley! Call 800-438-7734 or visit us online. Se habla espańol!

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