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    Will Workers’ Compensation Cover My Lost Wages?

    By Kenton Koszdin on June 29, 2021 | In Blogs

    Will Workers’ Compensation Cover My Lost Wages?

    When injured due to your place of employment, you will file a workers’ compensation claim and attempt to heal. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t cover everything. California law will not reimburse you for all of your lost income due to your illness or injury. However, they will allow you to obtain two-thirds of your average weekly wages.

    There are other benefits you may be able to obtain. However, it depends on certain factors met, and that will determine if you are eligible. They include the following options:

    • Once medically evaluated and determined you are no longer able to work because you are impaired, permanent disability benefits are offered. To obtain these benefits, the medical evaluator has to determine you will be in this state for the foreseeable future. Another factor that will decide these benefits is if your occupation, age, and injury condition.
    • Job displacement benefits are supplemental benefits that occur when your employer will not offer a modified version of work for you to perform during a two-month recovery period after a medical evaluation as classified your injury a permanent disability. If that has occurred, you will receive benefits that come as a voucher. The amount will never change, no matter what your level of impairment or disability is. You can use the voucher for training, certification, equipment, or other expenses that can occur when you are trying to obtain another job.

    Workers’ compensation claims can be challenging to obtain. However, if you follow the proper procedures, you are less likely to be denied.

    Suppose you or a loved one has been denied Workers’ Compensation or Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits. In that case, it’s essential to get an attorney experienced in these types of cases involved immediately.
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