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    Workers Compensation Appeal Process in Los Angeles

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on August 20, 2015 | In Workers Compensation

    Workers Compensation Appeal Process in Los Angeles

    All employers in Los Angeles are required to obtain workers’ compensation benefits to provide support for employees who suffer an injury. Employers and their insurance providers aren’t required to accept all injury claims. It is common for injured employees to have their initial application denied. When this happens, the employee must file an appeal and fight for the support to which they are entitled.

    During the appeal process, the applicant will have an opportunity to strengthen their claim. One way to make your case stronger is to understand why it was denied. A few of the most common reasons why workers’ compensation claims are denied include:

    • The claim was not reported or filed on time. Workers must report their claim within a few days and the employer must inform the state and the insurance carrier right away as well.
    • The employer disputes the claim. Employers often claim that the injury didn’t happen at work. You’ll need additional evidence to support the cause of your injuries. If anyone witnessed the accident, their testimony can help your claim.
    • The injuries are not severe enough. Many employers and insurance providers will claim the injuries are not severe enough to prevent the employee from returning to work. In such cases, additional evidence from a medical professional can prove helpful.

    The letter you received stating that your claim has been denied may also include information regarding why it was denied. If it was denied because of an issue with your paperwork, it may be easy to rectify the problem. Otherwise, you may have to face a hearing before an administrative law judge. This will give you an opportunity to present medical and other factual evidence to support your claim.

    Please remember that you have the right to fight for your benefits. Do not give up your rights simply because your initial claim is denied. A Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney will help you build your case and get you the support you need. Contact the Kenton Koszdin Law Office today at (800) 438-7734 for a consultation.

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