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    Your Workers’ Compensation Case: Don’t Make These Mistakes

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on December 20, 2017 | In Workers Compensation

    It’s hard enough to get a Workers’ Compensation (WC) case settled, but if you make one or more of these mistakes, you may be damaging your own case:

    • Missed medical appointments. Your case may be delayed or even denied if you don’t go to the doctor for scheduled appointments. It is essential that your attorney has adequate evidence of your work-related illness or injury.
    • Missing hearings and depositions. You must appear at scheduled hearings and depositions or you will greatly weaken your case. The judge will certainly frown at this and may even dismiss your case. Let your attorney know right away if you can’t appear for any reason.
    • Pestering your attorney. Attorneys handle many cases at once and must make frequent court appearances. Call for updates no more than weekly, unless you have an emergency. If you reach voicemail, leave a brief message but always leave your name and full telephone number.
    • Withholding information. Withholding relevant information or lying can get you into serious trouble and weaken your case. Your lawyer can best represent you only if you give clear, accurate information about your medical condition and the circumstances surrounding your injury or illness. Withholding important information or lying under oath can carry serious repercussions.
    • Comparing your case to others. Your WC settlement will be unique based on circumstances such as your occupation, age, salary and type of injury or disability. Don’t set unrealistic expectations for your settlement by comparing your case to others who claim to have received a significant settlement.
    • Not compromising. Settling a WC case is a give and take with compromise and negotiation. Your trial may take months to complete. Count on your attorneys to use their legal expertise to discern what your case is worth and then to make sure that you receive the best possible outcome.
    • Declining a reasonable settlement. WC is insurance to compensate you for injury or illness suffered on the job. The program is not intended to punish your employer. If a reasonable settlement is offered, you should accept it instead of insisting on a trial. In this case, the judge may turn against you.

    One of the worst mistakes that you can make is not to consult with an attorney experienced in California Workers’ Compensation cases. We are dedicated to helping injured workers get the compensation they need.

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