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    Applying for SSD If You’re Over 50 Years of Age

    If you’re applying for Social Security disability and you’re over 50 years old, we recommend you speak with an experienced benefits attorney as soon as possible. Attorney Kenton Koszdin has dedicated his entire practice to those who have been disabled and unable to re-enter the work force. In particular, the challenges Kenton faced with social security disability on a personal level, provided him with a keen insight that few other benefit attorneys can claim.

    If you, or a family member, are currently suffering from a disability, whether it is mental, physical or a combination, are 50 or older, and plan to apply for benefits through Social Security, give the knowledgeable team at the Koszdin Law Office a call. Our reputation is backed by the hundreds of successful cases we have fought and the thousands of lives we were able to improve as a result. For a free comprehensive case evaluation, at your home or in our office, give us a call at (800) 438-7734.

    How do I Claim Social Security Disability in Los Angeles if I am Over 50?

    By the end of 2013, the Social Security Administration (SSA) estimated that over $18 billion in disability benefits were released to those individuals who could not function in a working capacity at the time. An additional $3 billion was also supplied to dependants of those injured individuals.

    In many of these cases, individuals will apply for benefits via the SSA’s ‘Blue Book’, which will assess the severity of the person’s disability outright and make an immediate decision as to the depth of the benefits allowed.

    Coming up short on the ‘Blue Book’ evaluation, individuals and their families must submit to a residual functional capacity (RFC) assessment. The goal of the RFC is to take all mitigating and aggravating factors into consideration, then make a final determination as to whether or not someone is qualified for disability benefits.

    From age 50 onward, the SSA’s grid-rules create a matrix that accounts for a person’s advanced age, how it applies to their working capacity and what potential options a disabled citizen may have after all things are considered.

    The following are just a few of the elements that are weighed out:

    • Education: How much education did the applicant complete in their lifetime and how does it apply to the current situation?
    • Transferrable Skill Set: Does the applicant have a skill that can be used in a new line of work? Does this skill agree with the person’s potential physical activity level?
    • Sedentary, Medium, or Heavy: When it comes to physical activity and previous job experience, is the applicant able to complete work that is seated, moderately active or physically rigorous?
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