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    Can I Receive Cash Advances for Workers’ Comp in California?

    This office, as well as other workers’ compensation offices, does not give cash advances to clients, as we are not permitted to do this under State Bar rules.

    If your claim is denied, there is no chance of an advance from the insurance company.

    There is a small chance that you could get an advance from the insurance company. If you claim is admitted and you are receiving temporary disability benefits, your chance of receiving an advance is poor. Since you are receiving two thirds of your income tax free you should not need an advance. Additionally, if your doctor has not declared you permanent and stationary, there is no permanent disability benefit on which to give you an advance.

    If your doctor has declared your condition to be permanent and stationary, the chance of a permanent disability advance is still poor because insurance companies do not want to give advances.

    You should not look to your workers’ compensation case to solve your immediate financial problems or for extra cash in case of emergency. The insurance carrier has no legal obligation to advance more money then you are entitled to receive under the law.

    If you want to request an advance, we will mail a letter to the insurance company with a copy to your address. If there is no reply to the letter, it means that the insurance carrier has decided not to give you an advance. Please do not call this office regarding the advance request after we have mailed the advance request letter.

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