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    Mental-Psychiatric Injury

    Psychiatric Injury

    For you, the anxiety, depression, or fatigue is real and the challenges that prevent you from working are not imaginary. In order to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, however, you will inevitably face a difficult battle to prove that you suffer from a legitimate psychiatric condition or injury. Without a professional diagnosis, your rightful benefits will be denied.

    At the Kenton Koszdin Law Office, our dedicated legal team strives to ensure that those in need of psychiatric care are taken seriously and receive the financial benefits they are owed. If you or a family member is applying for or has been denied workers’ compensation benefits in Los Angeles, our exceptional attorneys can provide the compassionate guidance and representation you need for a successful claim.

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    What Is a Mental-Mental Claim?

    Essentially, a mental-mental workers’ compensation claim refers to mental health issues that have developed as a result of psychological or emotional stimulus. For example, if a worker experiences bullying or sexual harassment from a co-worker, he or she may begin to suffer from depression or anxiety. Additionally, a firefighter may be required to respond to emergency situations, but experiencing a traumatic or shocking event even once can cause him/her to develop post-traumatic stress disorder, which includes, insomnia, flashbacks, anxiety, irritability, and depression.

    Unfortunately, however legitimate your mental-mental claim may be, it is also the most difficult work-related injury to prove because there is often little to no physical evidence.

    How Do You Prove a Mental-Mental Claim in Southern California?

    The best way to not only build a strong claim for your psychiatric illness or injury, but to also get the help you deserve, is to seek treatment with a psychiatrist or psychologist. A mental health specialist can begin treating and documenting your symptoms, which can then be used as evidence of your inability to work. You may also collect statements and observations from family, friends, and coworkers regarding your emotional and psychological state.

    It is also in your best interest to seek the legal counsel and representation of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. With the Kenton Koszdin Law Office on your side, we can evaluate your employment and expected benefits, as well as help you file your claim and ensure that you have collected adequate documentation and meet the appropriate deadlines.

    Depending on the nature of your mental illness or injury, you may be eligible for temporary or permanent workers’ compensation benefits.

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