5 Ways Disability Discrimination Could Affect You

By Kenton Koszdin on May 4, 2021 | In Blogs

5 Ways Disability Discrimination Could Affect You

Suppose you or someone you know has a disability that impacts their ability to perform their tasks at work. In that case, chances are you’re generally familiar with some of the programs and policies in place meant to protect them at work. As with many programs and policies surrounding discrimination and worker protection in the United States, the intention is good, but the execution isn’t always perfect. Employers and coworkers can sometimes slip into the cracks and, despite the rules set in place, discrimination may still occur at the expense of the disabled. There are some significant ways discrimination still happens in the workplace, though they can be challenging to identify.

Discrimination can occur during any of these instances or processes: 

  1. Deciphering what your employer thinks is acceptable compensation for your position.
  2. Figuring out what will be involved in the role you are applying for or hired for.
  3. Determining your eligibility for future training, projects, or promotion opportunities.
  4. Hashing out the reason(s) behind why you were fired or laid off.
  5. Passing you up as a candidate due to any reason related to your disability or disabilities.

The 5 examples above of how and when disability discrimination may happen exclusively involve employers or “higher-ups” committing acts of discrimination, but what about your fellow or prospective coworkers? It could involve commentary or behavior that the perpetrator may genuinely believe to be perfectly reasonable or in their right to express. These instances are much more difficult to pin as disability discrimination or harassment. Still, if any form of disability discrimination begins to impact your job performance negatively, it’s time to address it.

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