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    Whether you work in the industrial sector or hold down a desk job, you have the right to receive medical coverage and other workers’ compensation benefits if you have been injured while performing your job duties. Your employer should be able to provide you with the financial assistance you need through his or her workers’ compensation insurance program. Be sure to file a workers’ compensation claim with your employer and consult with an attorney right away to get started on the road to recovery.

    Attorney Kenton Koszdin has more than a decade’s worth of experience with workers’ compensation cases. As a man who has suffered painful injuries himself, he understands just how devastating the results of an accident can be. His compassion and sense of empathy has allowed him to connect with clients on a deeper level, making him fight for them that much harder. If you need an experienced Los Angeles workers’ comp lawyer who is not afraid to go to trial, call the Kenton Koszdin Law Office today at 800-438-7734.

    As an injured worker, the amount of benefits you are entitled to through workers’ compensation depends on the extent of your injuries. While you are recovering, you may receive payments until you are able to return to work. If you’ve sustained a long-term or permanent injury, you may qualify for long-term financial assistance or a program that serves to reintegrate you back into the job market. Ask your attorney for more details.

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    Who is Covered by Los Angeles Workers' Compensation?

    Employees in LA are covered by workers’ compensation if they suffer an injury on the job. The injury may be a one-time occurrence, such as a broken leg caused by a fall or burns suffered in an industrial accident. The injury may also be caused over time by repeated forces, like wrist injuries from using the same tools for months or years, or hearing loss caused by repeated loud noises. Both types of injuries are eligible for workers’ compensation coverage in most cases.

    In order to be covered by workers’ compensation, the injured person must be an employee, not an independent contractor. When deciding who “counts” as an employee, courts look at a number of factors. How you are paid, whether your boss deducts taxes from your paycheck, where you work and when, and what tools your boss supplies or requirements your boss places on your work all factor into the determination of whether or not you are an “employee” for Los Angeles workers’ compensation purposes.

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    How Has Kenton Koszdin Aided Workers’ Comp & SSD Clients in Los Angeles?

    Client Testimonials

    All I had to do was provide the information they requested, and they efficiently handled my case thoroughly and successfully. — Alan

    Benefits a Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Los Angeles Fights For

    Workers’ compensation provides workers’ compensation benefits in five basic categories:

    1. Medical care payments, for doctor and hospital treatments for your injury
    2. Temporary disability payments, to cover part of your lost wages if you must take time off to recover
    3. Permanent disability payments, to help you support yourself and your family if you do not recover sufficiently to return to work
    4. Supplemental job displacement benefits, if you need to re-train for a new job because your injuries prevent you from going back to your previous job
    5. Death benefits for your family, if you lose your life due to your injuries.

    Types Of Workers’ Compensation Injuries

    Workers’ compensation covers both injuries that are sustained in one-time incidents and those that develop over a long period of time (repetitive motion for example) in addition to occupational illnesses that develop from either consistent exposure to hazardous elements or stressful situations in the working environment. As a claimant, you will have to prove to the SSA that your injury or illness was connected to your job duties or took place on the premises of your employment. A resourceful attorney should be able to help you gather the means to prove your claim.

    LA Employer Responsibilities For Worker Injuries

    Your employer has several responsibilities when it comes to workers’ compensation and coverage for your injuries. First, your employer is required to get and keep workers’ compensation coverage for all the business’s employees. Your employer is responsible for paying workers’ compensation premiums, and may not take money out of your pay to help cover workers’ compensation costs.

    If you’re injured on the job, your employer must give you the appropriate forms to file a claim within one working day. Once you return the completed forms, your employer must forward them to the claims administrator and authorize up to $10,000 in medical payments for treatment of your injuries. If you can do some work while recovering, your employer is also required to provide transitional or “light duty” work that you can do while your injury heals.

    If your employer is required by law to have workers’ compensation coverage, but doesn’t, you have the right to file a civil lawsuit against your employer in addition to seeking workers’ compensation coverage.

    Helping Workers’ Voices Be Heard

    Experienced Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney Kenton Koszdin is dedicated to helping injured workers navigate the LA workers’ compensation system, so that you can get the compensation you need. With extensive experience and knowledge of workers’ compensation law in Los Angeles, Mr. Koszdin will protect your rights and keep you up to speed on the progress of your case every step of the way. Call us today at 800-438-7734 for a free, confidential consultation.

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    The insurance company claimed our client’s pain was in her head. We proved them wrong.

    Plus Future Medical Care

    Client fell off a ladder injuring his back and neck.

    Plus Future Medical Care

    The insurance company argued our client suffered a minor strain. We knew the damage was major.

    Plus Future Medical Care

    Client was awarded $267,000 plus future medical care for life.

    Plus Future Medical Care

    Client was awarded $246,000 and future medical care for life.

    Workers' Compensation

    Settlement with a life pension was secured after trial.

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