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A Disability Attorney Can Help You Sort Through The Correspondence

As part of your disability claim, you may receive a large amount of correspondence, requesting further information or documentation. These requests can become overwhelming as you attempt to understand what exactly is being asked of you. At Kenton Koszdin Law… Read More

A Disability Attorney Can Help You Sort Through The Forms

When you apply for disability benefits there are forms you will need to fill out as part of the process. There is also a considerable amount of information describing the details and supporting documentation that you will need to supply… Read More

In the News: Workers’ Compensation

The world of Workers’ Compensation has been changing, especially in California where 20% of the Worker’s Comp premium is generated. It is important to keep up with the importance of these changes by keeping up with California Workers’ Comp News…. Read More

The Importance of the Social Security Program

We hear all the time about how vital the Social Security Program is while also hearing things like the program will go bankrupt, it should be privatized, and more. Not only is Social Security a large part of life for… Read More

It can really help to have an expert on your side as you apply for Workers’ Compensation! If you can’t work because you have been injured on the job or have a work-related illness, you are probably hurting, anxious, confused… Read More

The Return-to-Work Supplement Program

If you are unemployed due to an injury in the workplace, money can get tight. This is especially true because an injury is unexpected and you may not have planned for it. Workers’ Compensation Benefits may not always cover all… Read More

Federal Employees and Workers’ Compensation Benefits

While federal employees are still eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits, the process is a little different than when applying for these benefits after an injury or disease at a non-federal employer. There are some things you should know about the… Read More

Understanding a Quick Disability Determination (QDD)

A Quick Disability Determination (QDD) may be able to help you receive disability benefits much sooner than if your application were to go through the usual complete process. However, there are some things you need to know about a QDD… Read More

What Is the Compassionate Allowance (CAL)

The compassionate allowance, or CAL, may be able to get you the disability benefits you need much quicker. Not all conditions are approved for this allowance, but if yours is, you may want to speak to a disability lawyer sooner… Read More

Records One May Need When Applying for Social Security Benefits

You would expect to be asked for medical records and job history when applying for Social Security benefits, and they do request that information. However, there is other information requested that may not seem vital to your case but can… Read More

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