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    How Often Are Workers’ Compensation Claims Denied?

    Did you know a significant number of workers’ compensation claims are denied in the first go? Many may get approved in the appeal stage. Having an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer by your side can greatly improve your chances of an approved claim. What are some of the common reasons for claim denials? Your injury/condition falls… Read More

    Will My Personal Injury Settlement Affect My Social Security Disability Benefits

    A significant personal injury settlement may have an immediate impact on SSI benefits, but in general, SSDI benefits are unaffected by big personal injury settlements. Benefits for SSDI and SSI are managed by Social Security Administration (SSA). However, the SSI benefits may be reduced or lost as a result of a settlement payment, as SSI… Read More

    Social Security Disability Benefits and Cancer

    Cancer is a word that we hear more and more each day. Finding out that you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer is devastating not only for the patient but for their families too. It is extremely distressing emotionally, physically and financially, to say the least. Many people are unaware that certain… Read More

    Why Do Employers Fight Workers’ Compensation Claims?

    Accidents at work can result in serious injuries. You might be qualified to file a workers’ compensation claim for benefits if you suffer an injury while performing your job duties. The nature and severity of your injuries will determine what benefits you may be eligible for, some of which are as follows: Reimbursement for medical… Read More

    How to Find the Best Disability Lawyers Near Me

    Knowing a disability lawyer in or near your area is better than seeking legal help from a lawyer in another state or country. How? They will have a better understanding of the local laws; they will know which claim best fits your situation and it will be easier to meet with them. However, if you… Read More

    What Can Cause You to Lose Your Social Security Benefits?

    It’s unnerving to contemplate having your entitled Social Security Disability benefits taken away from you. For many people, who depend on such payments to support themselves, it truly is survival. Unfortunately, you might actually stop receiving compensation, as it is not a permanent income. Many individuals who still needed their benefits have eventually lost them… Read More

    How Often Do Workers’ Compensation Cases Go to Trial?

    Workers’ compensation is a federal program that aims to protect the rights of both the employee who got injured at work and the employer from various damages and personal injury lawsuits. Its purpose is to help the injured against the piling medical bills and compensate for the loss of wages due to absence from work…. Read More

    How to Report Unsafe Working Conditions?

    Hazardous work conditions are ones that pose a risk to anyone who is supposed to be at the workplace. These circumstances could make it difficult for employees to accomplish their jobs and endanger their safety and well-being. Employers are responsible for ensuring that there are no known hazards in the workplace. What Does OSHA Do?… Read More

    Can Disabled Individuals’ Family Members Qualify for SSDI Benefits?

    It is common knowledge that an individual who is disabled and unable to work may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. However, it is less often known that a disabled person’s family members could also be entitled to benefits. Are family members eligible for SSDI benefits? The Social Security Administration (SSA) understands that when a health-related problem… Read More

    SSD Benefits Application Approval Time

    When a person submits a social security disability (SSD) application, their first thought revolves around the time it would take for them to start receiving benefits. Sadly, there is no single correct answer. The Social Security Administration (SSA) application process takes its due course even though the time duration based on illness is specified in… Read More

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