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The workers’ compensation system in California is supposed to be simple, but all too often it is a difficult system to navigate. If you’ve been injured at work, working with a skilled and knowledgeable attorney can help you protect your rights and avoid costly mistakes in your claim.

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What Types of Accidents Can You Get Workers’ Compensation For?

Below are some of the types of accidents that Kenton Koszdin can assist with:  

Car Accidents on the Job

A car accident in California qualifies as work-related if someone is driving as part of work and they were hurt in an accident.  Generally, being involved in an accident while commuting to work is not considered work-related. 

Assault Injuries

Whether or not your employer caused or contributed to your accident, if you were assaulted while on the job, you will be covered by workers’ comp insurance. If you are assaulted by a co-worker after working hours, you will generally not be covered. 

Overexertion Injuries

Workers’ comp benefits are available to those affected by work-related overexertion, such as injuries from bending, crawling, climbing, lifting a heavy object, working in a hot environment, or stepping into a hole. 

Machinery and Tool  injuries

Machine tools are common in many trades because they increase efficiency. Machines such as lathes, milling machines, welding machines, grinding machines, and drilling machines can all cause serious injuries. Workers can also be injured by tools like table saws, power drills, and nail guns

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slipping and falling, or tripping and falling, can be debilitating – and these types of injuries are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims. . If you fall at work, and even if you caused your own fall, workers’ compensation is available. 

Construction Site Accidents

Construction workers are vulnerable to numerous types of accidents and injuries on construction sites. Some of the California construction accidents which may be eligible for workers comp benefits include: 

Forklift Accidents

Forklifts, either gas or electric-powered,  are necessary to lift and move materials. Unfortunately, thousands of workers are injured each year in accidents involving forklifts. 

Scaffolding Accidents

Scaffolds are convenient and necessary temporary structures heavily used in the construction industry. Sometimes called staging, they allow workers to gain access to heights to construct, maintain, and repair buildings and bridges.  Major hazards associated with scaffolds include falls, collapses, being struck by objects falling from a scaffold, and electrocution. 

Crane Accidents

Crane accidents, including being run over by a crane, being struck by dropped loads from a crane, falling from a crane, or being electrocuted by a crane, cause very serious injuries. 

Toxic & Chemical Exposure

Workers’ comp covers individuals who become injured or sick because of work, so any work-related illness including toxic and chemical exposure is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

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