Workers’ Comp Settlements for Neck Injuries in California

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Maximizing Your Work Injury Settlement: How Our Los Angeles Workers’ Comp Neck Injuries Attorneys Can Help

Our legal team is dedicated to protecting workers’ rights after they’ve been hurt on the job in LA and the surrounding areas like Palmdale, Van Nuys, and Bakersfield. We help ensure you get the full workers’ comp benefits and medical expenses coverage you’re entitled to through your employer’s workers’ comp insurance coverage.

We can file a third-party lawsuit on your behalf if the actions of a third party caused your workplace injury.

We have in-depth knowledge of California workers’ rights laws and plenty of experience handling even the most complex workers’ compensation claims to provide you with the insightful, specific advice necessary in your case.

Our Los Angeles law firm knows that after you’ve hurt your neck in an accident at work, you need proper medical care to reach maximum medical improvement. You deserve professional legal advice to ensure your rights are protected, your medical bills are paid for, and your lost income is compensated after an accident.

From filing the initial claim through appealing a workers’ comp coverage decision or disability payments denial to filing a lawsuit for damages, the Kenton Koszdin Law Office attorneys are by your side. 

What Is the Average Workers' Comp Neck Injuries Settlement in California?

The average workers’ comp injury claim in 2018 was $61,510. Each case is different; your settlement amount depends on how badly you were injured if you can fully recover, and your future medical expenses.

Certain damages you’re entitled to recover, like the cost of medical expenses, physical therapy bills, or the time you missed at work, are easily calculated. But a neck injury and chronic pain can impact your ability to work or care for your family. These costs aren’t as easily calculated as medical bills, and your employer’s insurance company may not cover them.

About ¾ of California workers receive a settlement; in a recent year, the average settlement was $23,000. Average settlements for different neck injuries may be less if it’s just the neck and more if you suffer a permanent disability. Average work-related injury claim amounts nationwide range from $16,916-$31,862.

Common Symptoms of Neck Injuries

Common symptoms of neck injuries can vary, depending on how your injury happened and which parts of your head, neck, and shoulders were damaged.

Some common symptoms of work-related neck injuries include:

  • Inability to turn your head in one direction, making it harder to drive
  • Stiffness in your neck that makes it hard to sleep or work
  • Frequent headaches, which compromise your work efficiency
  • “Referred pain” that develops in other parts of your body like the shoulders, back, or legs
  • Problems sleeping from neck pain
  • Pinched nerves

The pain of your symptoms may cause anxiety or irritability. 


Common Types of Neck Injuries

Your cervical spine consists of seven vertebrae supporting the neck and protecting the upper part of the spine. Between the vertebrae are slim discs, consisting of a harder outer layer and softer inner layer, cushioning each bone and absorbing the shock of movement.

The cervical spine is supported by more than 15 muscle groups and six major ligaments, the spinal canal, and a complex vascular system that serves the brain.

The complexity of this part of the body, and the delicacy of some of the muscles, give it a wide range of motion. But because it’s the most flexible part of the spine, it’s also most vulnerable to spinal cord injury.

Some of the most common neck injuries include:

  • Cervical Dislocation: This ligament injury leads to the abnormal separation of two bones. These can be traumatic or degenerative and cause minor or major damage. A dislocation can also lead to a ruptured or herniated disc.
  • Herniated Disc: This happens when the disc bulges outward due to prolonged pressure in one spot. Whiplash injuries often cause herniated discs. They are subject to rupturing, affecting the motion of your spine. When the disc ruptures, the soft inner portion can touch the spinal cord, which can be very painful.
  • Sprain: Sprains are tears to the soft tissue supporting the neck or stress on the ligaments from sudden trauma or continuously being in an unnatural position. A sprain can happen if you twist the wrong way or constantly sit in an uncomfortable chair or position.
  • Strain, Stress, or Muscle Damage: These are caused by tears or stress on the muscles in the neck and can happen from whiplash, repetitive motion, or sudden trauma. It can also happen if you work in a sedentary job and your neck is consistently in an awkward position.
  • Contusions: Bruises can happen from a whiplash injury or a sudden blow like a car accident. These can lead to internal bleeding, which can be highly dangerous.
  • Fractures: Fractures usually result from a high-impact injury, as one would suffer in a car wreck. Compression fractures, on the other hand, typically occur through a degenerative condition like osteoporosis.

Cervical vertebrae protect the spinal cord, so any traumatic injury to that part of the body also risks damaging the spine. This could lead to paralysis or even death. 

Get the Compensation You Deserve After Workplace Neck Injuries

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Common Treatments for Neck Injuries

Because neck injuries can quickly lead to more serious complications, it’s important to follow the directions of your workers’ comp treating physician to the letter.

Common medical treatments for neck injuries include:

  • Dislocation Treatment: If your neck isn’t broken, the doctor may manually manipulate the affected vertebrae back into place. If manual adjustment and traction don’t work, you may need surgery to reposition the dislocated vertebrae. After surgery, you may have hardware in place to keep the bones in place.
  • Herniated Disc Treatment: Bulging discs that haven’t ruptured may not need surgery. You could be prescribed a series of cortisone injections or prescription medication. Physical therapy is also part of the treatment. However, if the disc ruptures or herniates, you may need surgery in addition to the above treatments.
  • Neck Sprain Treatment: Treating a sprained neck is similar to treating a sprain in any other body part. Rest, time, hot-and-cold therapy, and being given time to heal usually work. More severe sprains could require physical therapy or even surgery.
  • Neck Strain Treatment: A strained neck injury is treated much like a sprained neck; the muscles need time to rest, and alternating hot and cold therapy can help you feel better and reduce the swelling.
  • Contusion Treatment: A simple bruised muscle will likely heal on its own with rest, ice, and time. However, bruising in the neck should be evaluated by a doctor to ensure that there are no underlying issues or fractures.
  • Neck Fracture Treatment: A minor compression fracture may heal in about two months if you wear a brace and avoid re-injuring the area. A severe break could mean being placed in traction and a cast or having surgery. 

Exploring the Workers’ Comp Benefits from Filing a Neck Injury Claim

California workers’ compensation benefits are intended to provide people injured on the job access to quality medical treatment and time to heal from their injuries. Therefore, the benefits include covering your medical care, including aftercare or physical therapy and surgery, plus consideration for your missed wages at work so that you can still have a partial income while you recover.

Your specific benefits will depend on how badly you were injured and your doctor’s recommendations.

Usually, the worse your injuries are, the higher the dollar amount of your claim will be. The employer’s insurance covers current and future medical treatment and lost wages, but it doesn’t cover any compensation for pain and suffering or a diminished quality of life because of the pain or limitations of your neck injury.

A skilled LA workers’ compensation attorney can help secure compensation for these damages or help you appeal a denied claim.   

Results Matter


Plus Future Medical Care

The insurance company claimed our client’s pain was in her head. We proved them wrong.


Plus Future Medical Care

The insurance company argued our client suffered a minor strain. We knew the damage was major.


Plus Future Medical Care

Client was awarded $267,000 plus future medical care for life.

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