Suffering a disability can be scary. Most Americans cannot withstand a $400 emergency, let alone a year without income. Fortunately, Social Security Disability insurance (SSDI) was created for this situation. An SSDI lawyer from Kenton Koszdin Law Office can help you navigate the system to get the benefits you earned.

A Trusted Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Increase Your Odds

Kenton Koszdin Law Office was founded in 1998. The firm originally focused on workers’ compensation cases but expanded in 2004 to represent applicants for SSD benefits as well. Over the past 18 years, our lead Social Security disability attorney has earned a reputation for fighting passionately and efficiently on behalf of clients.
With more than 600 Social Security hearings under his belt, attorney Kenton Koszdin is deeply familiar with every step of the process and knows the most effective legal strategies to employ in any given scenario.
Los Angeles Social Security disability lawyers handle SSDI cases for clients. Our firm has a proven track record of success, and we are dedicated to helping people like you get the benefits they deserve. Even a few hundred dollars per month in Social Security disability benefits can make a big difference in a client’s life.
To learn more, call the Kenton Koszdin Law Office today at 818-381-5211 for a free, zero-pressure case evaluation.

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What Is Social Security and What Types of SSD Benefits Can You Be Eligible for in California?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides two benefit programs for people unable to work due to physical or mental impairment. These programs are SSDI and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
SSDI is for workers covered by Social Security who have contributed to the Social Security system for a sufficient period of time, usually 5 out of the last 10 years of work.
SSI provides disability benefits for people not covered by Social Security. An SSI lawyer in Los Angeles will usually handle SSDI cases as well. These systems were created to mitigate the vulnerability to poverty for people with long-term disabilities.
When someone suffers a disability, including a temporary one, their limitations may prevent them from working. Many applicants risk financial ruin without a Social Security disability lawyer to help.

  • Retirement Benefits

Retirement benefits replace your income after you reach retirement age and reduce your hours or stop working.

  • Divorce Benefits

Your ex-spouse can qualify for family benefits after you qualify, even if they do not qualify on their own.

The Social Security Administration will pay extra for your spouse and minor child once you qualify. If they qualify on their own, you will receive even more.

ERISA protects your employee benefit plans. ERISA and Social Security work together to make sure you get everything you have earned.

  • SSI Benefits

SSI benefits help disabled people who do not qualify for SSDI and fall below a certain income and asset level. An SSI attorney in Los Angeles can help determine whether you are eligible for SSI instead of SSDI.

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Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

To qualify, you must:

  • Have a long-term disability that lasts at least one year or a terminal illness
  • Work in a job where you paid into Social Security for at least ten years total and at least five of the past ten years

Your disability lawyers in Los Angeles must also prove your disability prevents you from working or training for a new job.

What Are the Common Injuries Eligible for Social Security Benefits?

The conditions most likely to cause a total long-term disability for SSDI include:

  • Knee Injuries: Chronic, debilitating knee pain can make it impossible for you to hold any job where you sit, stand, walk, or carry
  • Inflammatory Arthritis: This degenerative autoimmune disorder causes pain throughout the joints in your body and limits your mobility, strength, and flexibility
  • Musculoskeletal System Disorders: These disorders include herniated discs, spinal dislocation, joint abnormalities, soft tissue injuries, and burns

What Does the SSD Claims Process Start with?

SSDI claims start with an application with your identifying information and job background. SSA uses this application to screen for eligibility and will request your medical records directly from your healthcare providers after the screening.
A mistake in this stage can trigger a denial. A Social Security disability lawyer in Los Angeles can help you avoid these mistakes.

What to Do If Your SSDI Claim Is Denied?

Denial is not the end of the world; the SSA has administrative processes to review and correct claim denials. But you might need a Social Security attorney in Los Angeles with the knowledge and experience to navigate the system. Kenton Koszdin Law Office will fight for you to get the SSDI benefits to which you are entitled.


Reconsideration is the first step in overcoming a claim denial. In reconsideration, a different claims examiner reviews the file to see if the original examiner erred.


A judicial hearing puts the case in front of an administrative law judge (ALJ). Before the hearing, you can submit new medical evidence to support your claim.

Appeal Council

If the ALJ does not grant your claim, you can request a review by the Appeals Council. The Appeals Council could also pick your case for review even if you don’t request it, but it does not review every case.

Federal Court

You and your Social Security lawyers in Los Angeles can file a lawsuit in federal court for a review of SSA’s actions. This action proceeds like any other lawsuit. Even if you have handled your case up to this point, you probably need a disability attorney in Los Angeles for your lawsuit.

How Much Money Will You Get If You Win the Case?

SSA uses a complicated process for determining the amount of your SSDI benefits. It is based on your work and wage history. The more you have paid into Social Security, the more you will receive in benefits. Importantly, you will receive back benefits dating to your SSDI application filing date.

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Results Matter

We have a record of success with cases denied by SSA. In one case, our client suffered from back and neck problems that required three surgeries. We overcame a claim denial that stated she was not disabled because she was young and had done some light work. We requested an ALJ hearing and won SSDI benefits for her.
In another case, our client suffered from fibromyalgia. The claim was denied because many doctors and claims examiners do not believe fibromyalgia is a real illness. She was awarded SSDI benefits after we argued her case at an ALJ hearing.

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How Do We Work with Your Case?

Before we start working on your case, we will talk to you about your disability and how it impacts your ability to work.
If you hire us to help with your claim, we will start working on your case without any upfront fees. We will collect your medical records and formulate a strategy to deal with any claim denials you have received.
We deal with SSA on your behalf so you can focus on your health. At the same time, we will provide regular case updates and involve you in all strategic decisions.
We will fight for your right to receive the disability benefits the law entitles you to, including a lawsuit in federal court, if necessary.

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